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Health form issues

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  • Health form issues

    Anyone ever have a leader refuse to leave their health form in the nurses area for the week? Citing privacy concerns? Subject came up in conversation about hippa & background checks.

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    I've dealt with a scouter who didn't want to give us a copy. then finally gave us a copy but refused to sign the hold harmless agreement.
    then finally signed it but wasn't happy about it and complained.

    I would suggest to that person that if they are that worried about it, they should discuss with summer camp if they can review the form with the nurse/dr/medic at camp and show it to them that it is complete and if there is any part they need to reference like meds. then ask that their form be sealed in a big manila envelope with their name and unit number in sharpie on the outside to be opened in case of medical emergency. maybe put their emergency contact phone # on the outside of the envelope just in case.

    of course the unit leader for summer camp should also get a cursory review of the form to ensure there are no health issues they need to know about. If they don't like it, they can stay home.

    I'm assuming it's a scouter. If it's a scout, all bets are off. The stuff is there for your own protection and to assist medics in emergency so give it to the unit leader or stay home. yes, I know that's a double standard but for some reason it seems ok to have a little more variation. I've known adults who are really afraid of it due to having their identity stolen before and there is enough info on a med form to be compromising--did you know people are finding that others are posing as them in order to steal their med ins coverage?


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      A fellow scouter of mine told me this... She feels the Medical Forms are a free pass to violate the Scout Oath. Dr. signature and all. I gave her lots of grief over it, but she insists she is an adult and her medical history is between her and her Dr. She conceded her insurance information, though couldn't understand why the BSA needed it, because she gave them an emergency contact and hospitals are required to provide emergency care. I tried to convince her otherwise, but to no avail.


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        First responders to a medical emergency at camp would be the camp medics. They can typically make it there faster than an ambulance from a hospital. And its always good if those guys know that you have a latex allergy or something else before they treat you if you are passed out or something. Asking little johnny if his mommy is allergic to something they want to give her isn't always the best way to find out.


        • Basementdweller
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          As Scout Master I would never hand the medical forms to anyone at the CO for any reason.....I would never violate my leaders and parents trust in that manner.....Nor do I just flip thru them snooping. I have boys with health issues, I know the issues and the meds they take.

          So explain to me what medical condition would a Church look for and kick a person out for??????

        • Sentinel947
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          Ding Dong, I'm just dieing to hear one of your possible examples. Do tell.

          It also brings up a question, why does that woman's charter organization look at the EM form? Or is she afraid of the Unit leaders looking at it? If she is, then she's far too paranoid to be involved in any group, and should just sit inside her house wrapped in bubble wrap for her own safety.


        • King Ding Dong
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          Off the top of my head.

          An abortion or birth control pills is a problem with the Catholic Church.

          Blood transfusions are a problem with some, I can't recall the exact ones.

          Just about any medical procedure is a problem with Christian Science.

          Immunizations are a problem with many also, thought there is an exemption for those I believe. But what if one under one of those religions still decided to get immunizations, that could pose big problems.

          Unit leaders are often a part of the CO, unit leaders typically verify that the med forms are complete prior to leaving for camp.

          Tell me there is no possibility for abuse here.

          BD, I never said kick out, you did. I said used against them. Though I do believe having an abortion is grounds for removal from the Catholic Church as is birth control. A vasectomy is not allowed either.

          Scenario, if a single male leader has had a vasectomy and then decides to get married in the church, he can be denied. I went to Jesuit high school and had many of these conversations with the priests. Some replied they would never ask such questions (don't ask, don't tell). Others were very strict in their response.

          What first sparked this line of inquiry was a news report I read of a man in a motorcycle accident who was then a paraplegic. During his recovery he and his nurse fell in love and decided to marry. The Catholic Church denied the marriage because the marriage vows could not be consummated. None of the priests I spoke with about the situation would refute the decision.

          I would imagine a man with testicular cancer and had his testicles removed or damaged by treatment would be in the same situation, though I never asked about that situation.

          Let me make clear. I filled out my med forms as accurately as my memory serves. The only thing I left off were medications used on an as needed basis and would have no use for at a scout event.
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        Hmmm, my policy is no medical form no trip to camp.....Adults or youth......

        Just curious......Is the parents scout neurotic and paranoid too????


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          "Just curious......Is the parents scout neurotic and paranoid too????" More than a few are. Agree though; no medical, no attendance. It is their choice. The council and camp need to cta's.


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            Never been to a camp where slack was cut when it came to physicals.


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              We did escape camp scrutiny this year with medical forms that were not in the mandated bi-lingual format.

              I kept waiting to for the challenge so that I could counter, "Your medical staff doesn't speak English?"
              Maybe next year...


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                Our CD and MD put their foot down this year and said the physical had to be in 2013.....Not sure why....He did flip thru my binder and checked the signature dates.


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                  Originally posted by JoeBob View Post
                  We did escape camp scrutiny this year with medical forms that were not in the mandated bi-lingual format.

                  I kept waiting to for the challenge so that I could counter, "Your medical staff doesn't speak English?"
                  Maybe next year...
                  Yeah we were hoping nobody would notice the "old" med forms. They say they are mandatory but was that mandatory jan 13 or jan 14? We have people who went to the dr in June of 13 and used the old form cause it came up when they did a google search (even though we sent them the link and told them what pages they had to complete).

                  I know that we don't like the new one aside from it being so LONG -- because details about allergies is stuck at the top of page 2. Since we have scouts with deadly peanut allergies, and others with allergies to bananas and strawberries and other common foods, we REALLY think allergies should be something easy to find on page 1 of the med form! Yes it's off to the side next to their name, but it doesn't fill in allergy there unless you fill it in on the Dr part C for allergies. It should pull the info from page 2 where it's complete, because for short term camps you don't need PartC at all.

                  We did get grief because the SM wife didn't enter the dates for all immunizations, instead she just attached a copy of their shot record. Camp wanted it on their form! I cause everyone else that did that, but figured SM family would have got it right. since they turned in theirs the day we left for camp, I didn't check it and just sent them on their way.


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                    I've worked as Camp Staff, and peen to a number of camps around the Northwest; most places don't even read them. Check to see the boys names match the roster and that's it. If he's worried about HIPPA have him put it in the middle of the pile, it will come back in the middle of the pile and no one will have seen or read, (or remotely cared about) his information.


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                      AS was stated in a few posts previously, HIPPA does NOT apply to the BSA and Scout camps. We are not a health care provider, a health insurance plan, or a health insurance clearing house. I agree - no health form, no camp.


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                        while i am certain many would disagree with me another option is not including certain information on the medical forms. bsa has no reason to know your medical insurance provider, or social security information for medical purposes. and as far as the immunizations only tetanus seams required. for all other past conditions and medication you can simply leave it off and be treated just like anyone who collapses out in public.

                        allergy information i would still always include as leaders really should know that.


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                          Ah Kristian, you are an adult who expects to be treated like an adult (AMC does this), good luck with that in the BSA.

                          I don't include include my SS#.

                          Immunization is not what it should be. There should be an antibody verification test.

                          I know some parents have suggested NOT to include insurance coverage so that the hospital will contact them if their child is treated. These parents are speaking from experience where the only notification they received was hours later via a cellphone call by their son!

                          Oh, I whited-out all the non-English on my health forms which made it more readable.

                          My $0.02


                          • King Ding Dong
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                            That is the best. I think for religious preference in the future I will just responded with "Yes".

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                          Any scout camp I have ever been to will not let you stay without a completed physical.