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a Scout is Clean, except at Summer Camp

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    Patrol Leader calls his Patrol together and announces that the Scoutmaster has declared that tomorrow morning, everyone must change their socks and underwear. The Patrol Leader then declares: " Sammy, you change with Tom. Tom, you change with Chuck. Chuck,..."


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      "I ask the parents to stress deodorant use with their boys."
      You should probably forget about any international travel you ever dreamed about.


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        Our troop leaders made sure to round us daily for showers. If someone wasn't showering the other scouts knew it and rode him for it. This would probably be considered hazing today. One year on Camp Staff we had a guy who hadn't showered by Thursday of pre-camp(set up week). He ended up in the river with a brush and #10 can of all purpose cleaner. His hygeiene improved afterwards.


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          Camp staffer: "Aquatics!"
          Everybody: "Counts as a shower, right?"


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            One of my sons was shower resistant, to say the least, in his first year at camp. He was 10 and pre-pubescent and really did not smell. Nonetheless, when we got the phone call saying that he HAD to shower or they would carry him in feet first, 5scoutdad spoke to him and told him that we would allow the carrying in if he didn't walk in. He walked in. In HS, he became a twice a day showerer.

            His younger brother is now 16 and has to be forced to the shower. The older one says that younger one is nervous of girls so he stays sloppy looking, which is a shame because he is a truly handsome kid (older brother is cute, but younger is drop dead when he cleans up). However, younger one is getting better, we're up to every other day in winter and every day in summer.

            Youngest boy showers every night and he's just 13.


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              No Girls at Summer Camp !!!

              Our Council has had many girls on staff from time to time

              We even had several British Exchange Scouts from England that were young Ladies...the Campers and Staffers did tend to Spiffy up More that year and Their MB Classes were the Fullest during the Secessions and they were the first to be requested to sit at Tables with during the Meals


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                I received a report from the JR Leaders that one particular scout was chased down by them, forced to wash some clothes in the wash stand and then shower. Apparently every stitch of clothing he brought with was completely rank as was the scout. This was causing quite a stir with his patrol and tent mates. He was one of the older boys, but I know that he resides somewhere on the spectrum and so I was was not too surprised.

                I only heard about this after the fact and must tip my hat the to our JR leaders for handling it so discretely.


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                  I had great intentions of having my Webelos II's shower on Tues. night of resident camp but camp staff stopped by at around 9 pm and stayed LATE. Their parents got them back on Wed. smelly.


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                    Had a troop get banned from the swimming pool last week........

                    The troop plugged to pool filter up during a scheduled troop swim.....The word was that the pool staff had just cleaned it before the swim.......

                    Pretty funny if ya ask me.....The Camp Director obviously wasn't amused.....