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Summer Camps & Fire

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  • Summer Camps & Fire

    we have 38 scouts and 8 adults registered for summer camp, Been talking to the council regarding placement had reservation at Ben Delatour, But we have been Cancelled because of the Fire. We need to know if you have enough room for us. So we can make other arrangements.
    The Dates we need are for July 7-15, We would rather have a dinning room, instead of patrol duty. You have a lot more to offer our Young men..
    I know you probably have a list somewhere, to tell us all the BSA Camps in the 50 states. Course, most of the ones we want to go are on fire. laughing.
    we have been scouting for the last 8 years and been to some wonderful camps..It would be nice to to have some updated list somewhere like this for emergency purpose..That someone could take a big group like us.

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    It's not close byat all, but Camp Geronimo, in Arizona has room that week you want to go to camp, you'd have to get two campsites probably. You'd call Grand Canyon council and talk to Diane Hinman. Camp Raymond would be closer for you to drive to probably (straight over on I-40) but it's actually completely full all weeks due to taking all the boys from Camp Lawton in Tucson AZ that was closed due to fire danger. Of course, that's a lot of drive time for you to head over from tx. Camp Geronimo also added an extra week to their schedule to take those locked out of other camps due to fire after Camp Raymond filled, and there is a lot of room that week (July 21st)

    This info may not help you, but it could I guess help someone else. and I was bored so I went and looked it up.


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      Camp Geronimo is a great camp. The website is here:

      The US Scouting Service Project list of Boy Scout Camps is here:


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        Yes, it would be a trek, but the camps at Goshen Scout Reservation have space. Southwest Virginia. Green, cool mountains.

        Gary Carroll, Camp Director, 301.214.9195

        Good luck in your search!


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          Those other camps sound wonderful but we have to stay within our radius. We've already think we have Camp Cris Dobbins taking us. Thanks.


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            BTSR--they may feel for you because they had fires last year.

            Good luck.


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              Camp Geronimo is on a complete fire restriction, (propane only) and the NFS has closed the forest, no there is no off-camp hiking.


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                BTSR is FULL we done check..


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                  I think the committee is trying to stay in a tri-state area give or take..We are taking a bus. I am not sure about the mileage on it. I am trying to help with the Camping part of not the Logistics of getting them there. lol, think next year I will trade. ( so far we will be on the Bus if we went to Ben Delatour Distance: 1013.11 miles Time: 17:01 hr) So we need to stay within that or closer.


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                    Well a quick google says that Austin TX to Payson AZ is 15 hrs 52 minutes. plus time to get to camp. of course there are 2 other routes listed depending on what freeways you want to drive on which gets you up a bit past 17 hrs drive time.


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                      m grumbles.
                      Sorry to hear about BTSR, but not surprised. Last year it was full to overflowing over July 4 week. A very popular camp.

                      If you are going 17 hours, that gives you a lot of space to look at.

                      We are heading to Blue Ridge Mountain, but it is 1100 from us, so add on another 200 for you.

                      When we were looking, there were a couple of neat looking camps in Kentucky. There is one in Arkansas an hour or two north west of Little Rock--but looked a bit difficult to get into--Bus would have some difficulty i think.

                      I don't know if lost pines is back up and running. There is Pyrtle in East Texas.

                      Good luck.


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                        Looks like Camp Arrowhead, Marshfield, MO is outside your travel radius, approx 1330 miles and 22 hours according to Google maps. But Kentucky certainly isn't closer and the Little Rock camp mentioned isn't very far away.


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                          I felt your pain --- we were shut out of Lawton two years running, and wound up at Raymond. Council did a yeoman's job of lining up alternatives so all we had to do is pick from the list.

                          Where did you wind up?


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                            so your unit was one of the ones from Camp Lawton that made Camp Raymond OVERFULL this year?

                            I know it really helps you guys out to have a place to go when Lawton was closed, but it certainly overtaxed the Camp Raymond facilities since they were already full but added Lawton campers to their ranks. There was room in the campsites to camp, but the merit badges were packed and the dining hall was taxed past its limits.

                            Did your unit go to Raymond already? If not it should be much better in July. And you might avoid the montezuma's revenge going around camp in the month of June. If you went in June, how many of your boys were vomiting and had diarhea? We had over a dozen.


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                              If I heard my commissioner correctly, there were a few no-show units at Raymond, so it could have been worse....

                              Since it looks like GCC and CC are merging, my guess is that Council felt a little more obligation to the Catalina Refugees. To their credit, Las Vegas Council and Del Webb in UT also made space available. Raymond didn't have to take anyone they didn't have room for --- Geronimo only had a few slots available and our week was already closed out when the camp closure came out.

                              We were there for Week 3. Nobody sick in our campsite, fortunately, but we were filling a lot of water bottles at our site, and not at the public areas.

                              Dining hall was full, but I saw empty seats in every meal, and nobody went hungry. Sodexo did a great job in planning (aside from running out of Fruit Loops, which isn't a tragedy) under the circumstances.

                              Only place I saw truly overtaxed for merit badges was handicrafts, and if Raymond took a slightly more organized approach to MB's they'd have been fine. Morning sessions were overloaded, afternoons were empty.

                              Bottom line is the boys had a great time. 83 merit badges completed between 18 boys, and 5 of them spent most their time in Trail to FC...(This message has been edited by Eolesen)