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  • Camp Boddie

    Bet Eagle92 will get me straight about this, but I am sure plenty of you know:

    In discussions that come up sometimes in my troop, or at my district's RT's, Camp Boddie ( East Carolina Council) is mentioned.

    Used to be Camp Bonner.

    I know how to pronounce Bonner.

    Boddie? Not son sure, Get a bunch of us in the room, and some of us pronounce it "bow-dee" and some of us pronounce it "Bah-dee" .

    Actually, we have a really countrified member who calls it "Bow-der"

    So........SURVEY SAYS?

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    I pronounce it "Hardee's"


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      I would say it like "Body".


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        I want to call it Bow-dee but the staff pronounces it Bah-dee. Renamed after some fella who gave a pile of money.

        If you ask the camp, it was never offically named Bonner, it was called Bonner by convention since Senator Bonner gave all the land for the camp. A couple of years ago Mr. Boddie gave a pile of money to upgrade the camp and so they offically named the camp after Boddie.


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          If they are still alive why not ask them how it is pronounced

          myself i would sat "bo-dee"


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            Myself, I would say "bah-dee". Since there is a double consonant, that usually renders the preceding vowel short. As in, "potty" and "hottie". Of course, family names sometimes don't follow the rules.

            Boddie-Noell Enterprises is a family owned company that owns chains of restaurants out of Rocky-Mount NC. Around here, the most common are Hardee's (hamburgers), Moe's Southwest Grill, and Texas Roadhouse.



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              Pronounced "body", like the island and lighthouse.


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                THose are spelled "Bodie"...but probably variations of the same surname.