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  • Craft ideas

    I am needing a few really cool ideas for a craft for a day camp we are doing for our boys. Their summer cub scout camp was cancelled due to some unforseen problems with the person in charge and so we are putting on a 4 hour little program for the boys in our troop with 4 different stations. one of them is a craft station and if you have an idea that went over really well with your boys, I'd love to hear your ideas.

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    Is there a day camp in a neighboring district/council your Cub Scouts could go to?

    Does your program have any kind of theme?

    What kind of facilities do you have (outdoors or inside - large space, or small room)?

    What is the time allocated for the craft rotation?


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      In this situation this past weekend our CM came up with the following stations:

      Maps and Compass
      Knots and Lashings
      Print Casting...

      Print Casting is when you take a paper or cardboard circle, surround an animal print in the dirt, and then pour plaster of paris into it. The fun part is finding the animal print in the first place.

      We later also made dream catchers, which took about 30 minutes. Takes a hoop (a small wreath), string (cotton, leather, or that fake leather), beads, feathers, and hot glue.


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        She said troop not cub scouts.

        Boy scouts shouldn't really be doing crafts......

        How about Wood carving, basketry or wood working merit badge?????


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          That's funny because she clearly said "Their summer cub scout camp was cancelled...".

          Of the things people mistake most often it's den/patrol and troop/pack. My own wife gets all four confused all the time and I have a hard time between troop and pack myself.


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            I don't know if it will work, but we are going to try "seed art neckerchief slides" this weekend at camp.

            Get a 3" tree branch, make slices about 1/4-1/2 inch thick. Cut 1/2" pvc pipe into 1" segments.

            Have the Webelos look at the rings for their Forester badge, if desired.

            Then, get a mix of seeds/beans/dyed and dried white rice, and glue it in a pattern. Let dry, glue or hot-glue the PVC on the back (or do this ahead of time). Apply an optional lacquer to keep the beans from absorbing moisture and sprouting.


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              I used to to a lot of leatherwork in the summer as a kid. Got pretty good at it too.

              Tandy Leather has a lot of simple project kits.



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                Thanks everyone. And yes, it is a pack, cub pack. Troop and patrol go together and pack and den go together. Just got back from my first 3 days at Wood Badge, highly recommend it by the way, and that is not very clear in my brain.

                It will be outside, and yes, I just found out the district decided to put something on in it's place so I am off the hook! But I would still love to hear any other helpful ideas for future events. I am filing all ideas.

                ScoutNut, I can tell you have experience by the questions you asked. Nice job. The craft was going to have probably about 30 minutes alloted to it and I hadn't really chosen a theme, though we were leaning towards passing off Outdoorsman type stuff.