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What improvements could Camp Staff make?

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    If you have a staff member assigned to a Troop/campsite (and I am talking to you Woodruff)have them make a point of stopping by when the scouts are around and ask the adults if their are any issues. If possible eat with the boys or go on a hike or do a little something. I have had a lot of ghost staffers that only showed up on the next to last day. Gee we would have fed them and everything...


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      Wow, you WERE good!


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        Eagle92: I was incorrect. My understanding has always been that having an NCS-trained commissioner was mandatory, but it's not (at least not now).

        Standard 81 (not mandatory): "At least one adult camp commissioner (at least 18 years of age) is on staff for every four units or campsites. These individuals may be assigned other duties. One commissioner must have a valid certificate of training from the Commissioner section of National Camping School or is a currently trained unit, district, or council commissioner."

        In my day, on a smaller staff, the commissioner's staff also used to be the Scoutcraft and First-Year Camper program instructors. We did campsite check-ins and check-outs, and one of us did campsite visits and inspections daily. The head commissioner was seen as third-in-charge of camp, after the CD and PD. Nowadays, that's all changed, as the staff has tripled in size. There's a separate commissioner's staff, the Scoutcraft and FYC staffs are separate, and there's an Assistant Program Director to fill the No. 3 role.


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          Part of the camp customer service initiatives at the time was having a newspaper, and not a camp one either, delivered to each campsite along with a large thermos of coffee. So when the adults heard Cowboy Mouth's version of the official Louisiana State song, "You Are My Sunshine," they new what was coming. I remember one unit had their adults lined up with mugs out along the road waiting for me. THAT was a fun unit to work with.


          That's good to know. I'm guessing a DE can fill the spot b/c of the "wreath of service" and what not. Actually I was #4 starting out, then moved to #3. CD, PD, Business Manager, then me. However when BM went out on sick leave, I movedup a notch.


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            Having been at summer camp for 7-8 years now, I think I can throw my .02c in.

            First and foremost, have a staff that is trained in the MB they are going to teach. Have a syllabus for 4-5 days, and use it. I had scouts dismissed on day 1, supposedly complete on an Eagle required badge. This is unacceptable.

            Decent food, in sufficient quantity. One camp we were at was starvation rations. Will never go back. We ended up going into town for food, and providing a 4th meal in our campsite.

            Have a staff that is excited, fun, helpful, and friendly. Snooty, aloof staff doesn't cut it.

            Reasonable swim rules. One camp we were at spent 35 minutes of each hour on check in and buddy checks. The boys quit going about Wednesday. (I wonder if that was the intent?)

            Organized night time events, ultimate frisbee, scavenger hunts, iron man competitions....

            Adult cookoff's are fun.