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  • How Many Weeks?

    How many weeks do your council summer camps operate?

    The Seattle area's Chief Seattle Council operates two Boy Scout Summer Camps and one Cub Scout Summer camp.

    One Boy Scout summer camp operates for five weeks, the other operates for eight weeks. I see one week is already filled up for next year:

    The Cub Scout resident camp operated for seven weeks this year, each week running from Thursday to Sunday.

    Presumably operating more weeks per camp helps reduce costs by spreading fixed costs over more weeks.

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    Cape Fear Council has 4 weeks of Boy scout camp, but the entire calendar if full of week long events all throug the year. half weke events and weekend event.

    They also run 3 weekds of resident for Cub Scouts, and 3 weeks of parent son. Then again, tere is a list of all kinds of event that run the wekend and mid week all year long.

    Then you have all the camporees and such that do not always take place on the scout reservation.


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      Our council (Northern Star) operates two Boy Scout resident camps. There are 8 weeks of camp at those sessions.

      There are three facilities at which we operate Cub Resident camps, for periods of 2-4 days. Depending on the program, these run from mid-June to late July or mid-August. Here's this past summer's calendar:

      Preliminary registration for 2011 indicated approx 4400 Cubs attending. Haven't seen Boy Scout numbers yet.


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        In East Carolina Council, Camp Boddie, formerly known as Camp Bonner South, has 5 weeks BS camp, a single 1/2 week CS camp, and a week of NYLT. 6.5 weeks total.

        Pamlico Sea Base has 10 weeks, but not all treks are available at all times.

        Camp Boddie also has a week long camp rental for the diabetes organization.

        An aside, I heard there were over 100 folks at Camp Boddie and PSB at the workday today to help clean up from Irene. Staff Alumni, and probably more volunteers will be there next weekend, and the OA will be having an Ordeal in 2 weeks.

        Camp Charles, one of ECC's other properties, suffered minor damage, and was cleaned up today and is ready for an event next weekend.


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          Yawgoog Scout Reservation in Rhode Island has an 8-week season.


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            Bayport SR in the Colonial Virginia Council operates 5 weeks of Scout camp. We also run one week of Weblos camp from Sunday to Friday. And we have the CHASE program that runs 8 weeks.


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              Back when I came over to the USA to work at Camp Conestoga summer camp was eight weeks.
              We are down to six weeks and talking about going to five as both the first week and the last week are only as a rule only half full.
              "Presumably operating more weeks per camp helps reduce costs by spreading fixed costs over more weeks."
              Might be true if the camp is full, but with less than 50% the camp is operating at a loss.
              The cut backs make working at camp less attractive to the older youth who need more weeks in order to save enough for school the next year.


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                West Central Florida Council operates 2 weeks of traditional Boy Scout camp, one week of Venturer camp, and a 3-night Webelos resident camp. As VP of Program, I am working to increase attendance. As the Lodge Adviser, I am forcing the Lodge to meet it's commitments to promoting camping.


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                  Woodruff Scout Reservation - North Georgia Mtns - Atlanta Area Council - 8 weeks. In addition there is 1 Venture Week


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                    Two camps but only one will be open to scouting

                    2 weeks of Boy Scout Residential
                    1 week of Cub Camp and Venture Camp (yes both in the same week at the same camp)