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Cell Phone at Summer Camp

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    Why is it hypocrisy for the adults to have privileges the boys don't?


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      Because it's an adult going "You can survive a weekend (week) without your cell." Then the adult leader goes off and sits around with his cell?

      The Troop I volunteer with has a no cell phone rule, it's not enforced too much. Most kids don't bring em, and the kids that do, the phones go dead after the first night or so. Smart Phones have stupidly short batteries.

      I think there is merit to the pro cell phone argument, a Scout could use it in an emergency, but it's never happened in my Scouting career to my knowledge.

      Overall I think it detracts from the outdoors experience. I leave mine in the cars during summer camp or other close car camping, and when I backpack I turn it off after we arrive at the trailhead and put it in ziplock bags, then it goes away till we exit the trail.


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        Because it's an adult going "You can survive a weekend (week) without your cell." Then the adult leader goes off and sits around with his cell?

        I think implicit in the "you can survive without your cell" is "you don't have to worry about having your cell because you are in my charge". Of course the adult leader shouldn't be sitting around with his cell phone, but as adults have many more responsibilities than boys it stands to reason that they have the greater need for a cell phone. If I go off on a camping trip my wife might still need to get in touch with me. My employer might need to get in touch with me. Etc. If an adult is constantly texting or calling from camp then I would question his dedication.


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          ^ I think that is a valid reason. Being 18, my parents don't care, and my employer doesn't need to contact a lowest level hourly employee.

          I think it was worth pointing out what Fred's point was. If an adult says no cell phones, then hangs out on it all the time, it is hypocritical. It happens from time to time in the Troop I'm in.


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            I'm not sure hypocrisy is the right word as adults have privileges the boys don't -- and both boys and adults should understand that -- but it is definitely abusing the privilege of having a cell phone.


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              Let's rephrase that..."the adults have responsibilities that the boys don't have". As has already been said, when I was in the woods, I was subject to recall by my employer. My aged mother in law lived with us and had frequent medical emergencies. I did not use my cell to "just chat or txt"...I abhor phones, but they are necessary evils...for adults. I have a shared plan with my wife...between the two lines, we use about 30 minutes a month. I think that's reasonable. While at camp, my phone remained off, but i would check voice mail at least once a day...and usually there were none.(This message has been edited by papadaddy)


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                "The exception might be the Senior Patrol Leader, as that can save us a lot of steps in a large scout camp"
                not to be flip or sarcastic (ok I will be, but not in a mean way ), there are these really cool inventions from like forever ago, called walkie talkies, the new ones have a usable range of 1-1.5 miles over rugged terrain and out to 5+ miles line-of-sight. Get some of these and give 'em to your PLs and they don't need a cell phone and you can still get a hold of them without hiking accross the camp. Problem solved.


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                  Agreed about the walkies. They don't need to be recharged; just change the batteries.


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                    Because it's an adult going "You can survive a weekend (week) without your cell." Then the adult leader goes off and sits around with his cell?

                    I don't think that's hypocrisy. Youth Scouting members don't usually have to pay electricity bills, rent/mortgages, etc. Adults do. While Scout camp may be a fun vacation for the youth, not every adult has the luxury of being able to completely take a whole week off and be completely out of reach. A youth can survive for a week without chatting to friends and browsing websites just for fun. Adults tend to be using cell phones for more "legitimate" purposes.

                    On the flip side, if a youth was actually running a business or otherwise using a cell phone to stay in touch with clients, etc., I would have no problem with them running around Scout camp with a cell phone.


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                      Cell phones for adults boil down to a question of necessity, I suppose. There were years I would leave it turned off, and in my vehicle, checking late in the day for messages, if any. One year, with an ill relative at home, it really was a necessity. (Everything worked out fine, though.) I'd treat my cell phone the same way I treat my evil cigarettes: Use out of sight and away from Scouts!


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                        Lots of valid arguments both pro con for this issue. Cell phones and mobility are a part of life now and many schools even permit the use of them during lunch and switching classes. The kids need to learn to deal with low reception and managing battery life. At most camps the kids are kept busy during the day so usually they ignore them. Its during the down time, which there is a lot of, during that week.

                        So let them have them and learn to deal with them. We use a release that is signed by the parents.


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                          Do you have a copy of the release for parents? What does it cover? Thanks!


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                            It's going to be really interesting to see how a lot of leaders deal with pods, pads and phones at the coming Jambo, since National is fully wi-fi-ing the place with the intent of communicating with and to Scouts electronically...


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                              For as I have been going to Camp, the only cell phones allowed are the ones the adults carry. We have a no electronics rule for camp.


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                                Why is it everyone just assumes Baby Boy is calling home to Mommy

                                Just Maybe some scouts were out there Snapping "scouting pictures' and uploading on Scout Web Sites and keeping Fellow Scouters interested in the Summer Events..

                                Here is How I have Seen Cell Phones Used

                                Well We set off for Summer Camp today 18+ Hour Drive from Texas to Colorado...Destination CAMP MIDDLEOFNOWHERE...Posted Snap Shot of "Troop" prepared to leave

                                "Wow We Found this great little Place to Stop and Eat....JUSTLIKEGRANDMASCOOKING Diner...FANTASTIC homemade Apple Pie....Snap Shot of Several Scouts eating Pie

                                "Man we just stopped for the Night at this Great State Park..Wish Yall could See the View of The "CAPROCKS here in the Texas Panhandle... Breathtaking Sunset...Posted Pictures of Sunset..Scouts around campfire

                                "Woke up to a Beautiful Sunrise in the Canyon..Saw several Deer...Cooked a Greaat Breakfast"...more posted pictures

                                "Arrived at CAMP MIDDLEOFNOWHERE...Man is it Beautiful...Beautiful Lake...Fantastic Old Mess Hall..

                                PICTURE PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES
                                Wow Billy is Having fun his first time riding a Horse
                                Wow Johnny just Caught a Huge Trout
                                WOW WE PASSED SWIM TESTS
                                WOW AFTER WOW..LOOK HOW MUCH FUN WE ARE HAVING
                                Pictures Pictures Pictures Pictures

                                AW SHUCKS>>>WOW we had a Great 14 Days here at Camp..Heading Home Tomorrow...Can You believe we did all this...(2000 pictures Later)

                                Not Every Kid can Afford a Fancy Camera..MANY are Really Bulky...What Cell phone Does not Have Cameras..maybe about 5% now Days..Most even Have a Video capability
                                Can't instantly Share on Social Media with a DSLR Digital Camera/Video Camera

                                Ah What a shame that other Troop banned their Cell phones..I guess we could get their info and share pictures Later..

                                Meanwhile Some Youth is Looking at the Posts of their Friend saying, "MAN THAT LOOKS LIKE FUN, I AM GOING TO JOIN BOY SCOUTS."

                                50 Years Later.."Grandpaw can I join Scouts, looks like Yall had a lot of Fun Back in your Day..>>youth sitting at Computer Surfing an Old Scout Website looking at Historical Photos


                                • King Ding Dong
                                  King Ding Dong commented
                                  Editing a comment
                                  There is a BIG difference in a DSLR and a phone camera. There is a BIG difference in a decent quality $75 camera and a "free" cell phone with a minimum $50 a month contract. I see the earth shattering if a scout can't post his pictures instantly and has to wait until he gets home. The BSA Membership loss will be catastrophic.

                                  Do you seriously expect us to believe that is all you have seen scouts do with their phone on a camping trip? A scout is honest.