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Where did you go to summer camp?

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    When I was a boy, the only camp that we ever went to for summer camp was Camp Orr. Just outside Jasper, Arkansas on the beautiful Buffalo National River.
    I can almost say that I grew up there. My dad was in one of the canoes coming down the river when they chose the spot to build the camp and then he helped to build it too. I started going there as soon as I got into Boy Scouts. Between summer camp, council and O.A. activities I also spent several summers on staff there as well.I spent MANY years there in the past.
    It has been just over 20 years since I have been there. I have recently come back into Scouting as a Scoutmaster and I just renewed my O.A. dues and will be attending our Ordeal in August. I earned my Vigil Honor in 1987 and am hoping to bump into some of the guys that I used to be in Scouts with.


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      Camp Herbert C. Bonner, Blounts Creek, NC (East Carolina Council)
      Camp Charles, Bailey, NC (East Carolina Council)
      Camp Raven Knob, Mt. Airy, NC (Old Hickory Council)
      Camp Grimes, Nebo, NC (Mecklenburg Council)
      Camp John C. Barnhardt, New London, NC (Central NC Council)

      Camp Charles is now used only for weekend camping, having been closed by the Council years ago. Located on a really nice lake, the old dining hall and canoe sheds are still standing. I remember it because it had adirondack shelters for camping instead of tents.


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        For Summer Camp:

        Seven Ranges Scout Reservation, Kensington, OH, Buckeye Council

        July 1997 to Present

        For Weekend Campouts:

        (Former) Camp Tuscazoar, Zoarville, OH, (Formerly of Buckeye Council)
        (Former) Camp Buckeye, Beach City, OH, (Formerly of Buckeye Council)
        Camp Manatoc, Peninsula, OH, Great Trail Council
        Cricket Holler Scout Camp, Dayton, OH, Miami Valley Council


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          As a Leader:
          2008: Ma Ka Ja Wan Scout Reservation (Webelos Resident Camp)
          2007: Indian Mound Reservation (Cub Resident Camp)
          2006: Indian Mound Reservation (Cub Resident Camp)
          1998: Camp Big Timber (Cub Resident Camp)
          1982: Northern Tier, Bissett (Associate Crew Advisor)

          As a Camper
          1972 - 1976: Camp Wakonda (Griswold, a religious retreat)

          As a Staff Member:
          2007: World Scout Jamboree
          1993, 2005: National Scout Jamboree
          1990, 1992 - 1993, 1998: Camp Big Timber
          1995 - 1996: Camp Freeland Leslie
          1985 - 1987, 1989: Ben Delatour Scout Ranch
          1985: Camp Wapello
          1988: Scout Association of Ireland, various camps throughout the country
          1979 - 1984: Camp Cedars
          1977 - 1978: Camp Wakonda, Camp Eagle

          Plus National Camping School at the following locations over a number of years...

          Tomahawk Scout Reservation, Phillips Scout Reservation, Camp Cedars, S-F Scout Reservation, Camp Eagle, Camp Mitigwa, Howard H. Cherry Scout Reservation, Camp Ingawannis, Dane Hansen Scout Reservation

          And a number of camp visitations over the years: Owassipe, Hoover, Mach-Kin-O-Siew, Shin-Go-Beek, Ma Ka Ja Wan, Loud Thunder, Indian Mound Reservation...and a few more that escape me..

          Thanks for creating this was an interesting exercise to think about the times I have attended and visited camps...



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            I was either a camper or staff member at

            Slippery Falls Scout Reservation (Oklahoma)
            Kia Kima Scout Reservation (Arkansas)
            Raven Knob (North Carolina)
            Worth Ranch (Texas)
            Sid Richardson (Texas)
            Broad Creek Scout Reservation (Maryland)
            Camp Tom Hale (Oklahoma)

            I have been to a ton more for camporees, conclave, trainings, etc...


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              Camp Rainey Mountain in Clayton Georgia had the Best Staff I've seen in 2006 and seeing how they operated makes me think it will still be the same. It was an enjoyable experience all the way around.


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                Camp Rainey Mountain in Clayton Georgia had the Best Staff I've seen in 2006 and seeing how they operated makes me think it will still be the same. It was an enjoyable experience all the way around.


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                  I spent 3 summers as a youth at Camp V-Bar, located at Salmen Scout Reservation outside Kiln, MS currently owned by the Southeast Louisiana Council. I also did a few summers there as an adult.

                  I spent one summer at Avondale Scout Reservation as an adult, outside baton Rouge, LA.

                  I did one summer up in LaDomaine, Quebec, Canada doing a 50 miler.

                  I participated in the European Camp Staff Program, working at Kingsdown International Scout Campsite in Kingsdown, Kent, UK (now a privately owned campsite). I also worked at Youlbury International Scout Campsite (now called Youlbury Scout Activity Center) in Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK that same summer when Kingsdown was overstaffed.

                  I did 2 years of staff duty at Camp Bonner, Blounts Creek, NC

                  And I did 2 years of staff duty at Camp V-Bar


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                    First summer camp was a Cub- Hart Scout Reservation, Green Lane, PA.
                    As a Boy Scout and staff member Treasure Island Scout Reservation, Pipersville, PA.

                    Sadly, neither are opeating as Boy Scout Summer camps any longer.


                    • I did all of my summer camps, both as a camper and a staffer, at Camp Soule in Clearwater, FL. Council stopped operating summer camp there in 1988 and moved it to our new camp, Sand Hill Scout Reservation, in Brooksville, FL. I volunteered a weeks time to be a part of the "moving crew". We hauled all the tents, cots, platforms, etc from one camp to the other and then set up. It took a week to move eveything. Sand Hill opened one week later.

                      Due to drought, rabid development, and overpumping of ground water, Sand Hill's 40 acre lake is now a mud pit not much bigger than a olympic-sized pool. Camp Soule still has a healthy lake and a large swimming pool. I have convinced my Council to hold an Aquatics Camp at Camp Soule. The Aquatics Camp will allow our units to experience every aquatics badge or advancement. It should also get a couple of the old-timers fired up to see a week of summer camp at Camp Soule again.


                      • Does anyone have any recent information about Camp Orr in northern Arkansas or other camps near there?


                        • It was nice reading the replies and seeing that some folks had attended the same camps as I did growing up. Mine included the following....

                          1989: Camp Baden-Powell, England (Transatlantic Council)
                          1990: Camp Freedom, Germany (Transatlantic Council)
                          1991: Camp Bayern, Germany (Transatlantic Counicl)
                          1992: Camp Freedom, Germany (Transatlantic Council)
                          1994: Camp La-no-che, Florida (Central Florida Counicl)

                          We were supposed to go to Camp Tuscany in Italy in 1992, but we found out about a week before we were to leave, France wouldn't give us permission for our Troop to use an Army bus to transport us down to Italy for the week, luckily, we were able to transfer over to Freedom for summer camp. Alot of us were really bummed, because we always heard rumors from other Troops that there was a nude beach just a mile or so away from camp.


                          • H Roe Bartle Scout Reservation

                            I was there as scout for from 98,99,00,01,02,03,04

                            I was there as a leader from 05,07*,10

                            Brave 02
                            Warrior 03
                            Firebuilder 04
                            Tom-Tom Beater 05

                            *part time leader


                            • Canyon Camp (Blackhawk Area Council) 75,76,77,78,80
                              Philmont 78
                              Camp L.E.Philips (Chippawa Council ?) 08
                              Camp Loud Thunder (Illowa Council) 09,10


                              • Canyon Camp (Blackhawk Area Council) 75,76,77,78,80
                                Philmont 78
                                Camp L.E.Philips (Chippawa Council ?) 08
                                Camp Loud Thunder (Illowa Council) 09,10