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  • Something nice happened

    I was driving up a suburban road and hit a deep pothole (chuck hole to some). I looked into the mirror and saw a hubcap spinning off into the weeds.

    I went up to the next intersection, turned around, came back and parked in the parking lot of the coffee shop by the chuck hole. I got out in the rain and started searching through the weeds.

    Suddenly a fellow appears, seemingly out of no where. "Your hub cap is over there," he says while pointing. Sure 'nuff there it was. He explained that he was sitting there in his car waiting for a co-worker and say it fly off. I offered to buy him a cup of coffee but he declined, saying that he associate was late so that guy would be buying coffee and dinner. :-)

    He could have sat there, nice and dry in his car, laughing at the idiot who couldn't find his hub cap but he didn't.(This message has been edited by Gold Winger)

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    I'll bet he was a Scout in an earlier life!


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      ? Goldwings have hub caps? ;>)


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        The really cool ones do! Lots of chromes, blinking lights and hubcaps. :-)