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  • Eagle Scout

    Eagle Scout is not just a rank, but a way of life. Earn it, then live it!

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    Preach it!

    Can I get a witness?!


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      ... a quotation from my speech ... at last two Eagle CoHs ... this past Friday and Saturday night!

      It was just my way of trying to find the meaning of scouting and Eagle Scout again!

      I just hope that the Eagle and his Eagle dad who caused me to lose my faith and belief in the troop, the rank, and the ideals listened and figured out its message!

      My last post on this board was 11/18/2007 and I have been off the Troop's payroll since!

      Cheers ...

      ps: just doing some soul-searching on whether it's worth it or not.(This message has been edited by OneHour)


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        Remember that people, and Scouts and Scouters are people too, will always eventually let you down.

        Eagle is and should remain an idyllic accomplishment. It is fairly rare that it is attained and will probably remain true that anyone you know who has attained it will be flawed.

        I'm no Eagle but I am certainly a flawed being.

        But as the Monty Python would say "I'm getting better." - Bring out your Dead sketch.

        Eagle, and Life after it is a Journey.


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          "Scouts and Scouters are people too, will always eventually let you down."

          Agreed, whole-heartedly! But it was time that I need to stop being an Assistant Scoutmaster and be a Father to my sons and come their defense! Believe me, I have bitten my tongue and held my judgement! I am not an Eagle Scout and am very flawed, but I tried to live up to the Eagle Scout and scouting ideals ... for my sons'.

          Cheers ...


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            Having done some research, you are in a tough spot.
            But not as bad as some.

            Consider if YOU are Scouting for you - nothing wrong with that, or to deliver the promise of Scouting to the boys, nothing wrong with that either.

            In the best of all worlds we get fulfillment in delivering Scouting to the boys.

            The questions I have are:
            Does your son still want to go?
            Is the child you are having problems with still around?
            Is there another Troop you could do this "no stress - no more achievement required" scouting with? (I think you have indicated that your Scout has his Eagle -Congratulations)
            Finally, do you have to be with Scouts to do the things you want to do, and go where you want to go?
            When you answer these questions, you should be able to tell what you want to do.
            Good luck!