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    has anyone found anything capable of sending SMS alerts out to Scouts? Scouts, as most of you know, don't read e-mail but they will look at texts. We also want something that parents can use to import into their personal calendars (e.g. Google).


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      Troopwebhost will do this. Not sure about SOAR.


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        Some carriers use e-mail to SMS, like and address of So if you blast simple e-mail reminders in text format, it works.


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        We've been using Most of our scouts are young and the parents really like the report subscriptions that shows them which requirements are needed for the next rank. It's pretty cheap (~$20/year) and doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a lot of the others, but it does the job for our small troop.

        May have to look troopwebhost -- haven't heard of that but sounds similar...


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          We have troop web host that we just started up.
          But some parents don't like it due to privacy issues.
          Basically if you use itas your main database of info about all the youth and adults, by default that would mean you'd put in full names, addresses, email addresses, seveal phone numbers, etc. right?
          Well on all the reports, that any member can pull up, not just leaders, they get to see a lot of that personal info.

          since we have over 50 youth, that means there are about 100 adult who have the basic level of access. some of the adults don't want all the youth and all the adults to see all their addresses and phone numbers. We uploaded automatically from troopmaster, so it entered employer and work numbers which also show on some of the reports.

          Leaders can see even more data--date of birth and driver's license numbers and medical insurance numbers all as nice little reports and some people take issue with how easy it is to get that info. So right now all adults are just listed as regular parents, except a handful of people rather than giving access to those reports to the huge number of people our troop has listed as committee and leaders.

          so to make themselves feel better about their safey--parents are going thru and deleting things in their profiles to protect their privacy, which is ok--except now we have to keep a separate database of home addresses(to update at recharter to get those boy's life subscriptions etc), and email addresses elsewhere for communication cause if you remove your email we can't send you the auto newsletters and stuff from within troop web host.

          The default is that everyone in the system has an acct. some parents are a bit concerned that their youth can log in and add back in all the info the parents have deleted. or that since we have some youth who are only 10, some of the parents are a bit more concerned about the level of unattended communication that can occur between their young one and any of the adults. I mean realistically there are adult parents who now have accts on the system that I have never met and I'm membership chair. so I might not like that the adult I don't know could private message my 10 year old scout by sending a txt thru the system and I would never know about it. It could get oogly woogly.

          With a small troop in a small town, it might not be as big of a potential issue, as everyone tends to know everyone else and where they live and where they work.

          If we are going to use TWHost, We have to rewrite the troop's website policy to address some issues. We have to figure out if youth under age 13 will have accts or not. Right now we deleted all youth accounts that troop web host made automatically because we do have some incrediby young scouts who have not shown good use of common sense in other areas, so we are unsure about automatcially giving them access. We aren't positve what would apply from the Children's Online Privacy and Protection act (the main reason why Facebook doesn't allow youth under 14); there is a provision that no-profits don't have to follow COPPA, but that seems like a cop out.


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            I would email support......I imagine it would take him less than an hour to change the permission on the reports so only leaders or a new designated position can run reports..........It does log all emails.......


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              Just played with the reports as a Parent with adult only permissions.

              There is no information such as DL numbers or Insurance info available to the average parent in any of the reports I ran.

              All though, you can print rosters with addresses and phone numbers and emergency contact info......

              I did email John and ask him to limit access to the reports to Adult and youth leaders only.

              I don't really see the need of the average parent to have access to our troops roster.


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                Yeah that's why almost everyone is listed as just parents, so they can't see quite as much stuff as people listed as leaders can see. One parent that is also a leader freaked out that they could print a birthday list of everyone adult and scout's birthdays. someone else freaked that in the contact list it showed their employer's name and phone number. they My CC has talked with TWHost and I believe its on a to do list somewhere. But there is a bit of disagreement as to who should see which reports.

                What our parents would like is to be able to click next to which info of theirs can be listed on a troop roster for everyone to see-- so they could choose which phone number they want listed but be able to leave all of their numbers in the system for say the emergency contact report to be printed for the SM for an outing. Or if they don't want their address on any of the reports they don't have to delete the address, they can leave it so we can have the address as membership chair working thru recharter. I guess we have a couple people in the witness protection program

                Would like it so that the youth can't edit all of their own info. or admin click if a youth can update their info or if their parents have to do it or something like that. I know it seems if they have an acct they should be trustworthy enough that they aren't going to change everything. but my 13 year old really wanted to change his nickname to something obnoxious and put the school phone number down as his cell phone number for some reason....


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                  He emailed back and in the admin tab you can adjust what your adults can such can see......... pretty easy...Heck I didn't even know you could do that.


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                    Type slower Basement....

                    I know you can set settings for individuals to see certain things, but that seems to take out whole tabs at the top for people, not just reports.

                    So what exactly did he say you could do and where? We can hide addresses and phone numbers and email addresses how? when my CC emailed he did not get that kind of answer. so what question did you ask?


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                      To do this you will need to reconfigure the Scout and Adult user roles. This process is described in our User Guide here:

                      For the Scout role, you need to uncheck the task named "_Scout" and check the specific tasks you want all scouts to have.

                      For the Adult role, you need to uncheck the task named "_Adult" and check the specific tasks you want all adults to have.

                      In both cases, do not include the task "View Membership Information" if you want to prevent them from seeing the troop directories.

                      Please let us know if you have any further questions about this. We'll be glad to help.


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                        ok, so to unclick the default scout user role, we'd then have to click which items all scouts should be able to do. Going thru the list, having used the TWHost for a while, which items are most likely for scouts to use? most of the items seem to be adult options, or scouts in specific leadership positions.

                        Now if you don't click the view membership option, doesn't that mean they can't view any member data? That doesn't just hide some info, it hides all info about the scouts and leaders? We just want SOME reports or some data fields hidden from the member data reports, not all the data hidden. know what I mean?


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                          Originally posted by BobWhiteVA View Post
                          has anyone found anything capable of sending SMS alerts out to Scouts? Scouts, as most of you know, don't read e-mail but they will look at texts. We also want something that parents can use to import into their personal calendars (e.g. Google).

                          Troop webhost can send out SMS alerts, but you need to know the cell phone carrier of the person. Not sure about the calender issue.


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                            Troop webhost does allow you to link to your personal google calendar....The link is per sign on so when the person leaves or goes in active the link goes away.


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                              thanks everyone. We're currently using ScoutLander and am evaluating alternatives. the three that have risen to the top are TroopWebHost ($99) and ScoutSpirit (Free). I'm a bit leery of ScoutSpirit given that it's free (how do they support their efforts? Has anyone used it?

                              Also, TroopTrack looks interesting but they provide little info on their web site and they want you to sign up for a live demo. Has anyone used it as well?

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