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  • A Note from Yahoo, Inc...

    Just got a note from yahoo in my email.

    GeoCities, yahoo's free website service, will close Oct 26. Close means they will shut down the servers and take the data offline. It will not be recoverable.

    If your Pack, Troop, or Crew uses GeoCities... it's time to look for a new webhost.

    (Mods: After a couple days, can you shift this to the Web Forum. I thought OD-Program would get broad dissemination quickly).


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    Sad! My favorite cub leader site was the Virtual Cub Leader's Handbook, hosted on geocities! I hope they find a new home for it.


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      A suggestion for those who want to change to a new place, my ship uses Google sites. It is free, and has no ads. You can see how ours is turning out at

      It is really easy to update, and change stuff. Just like using Word.


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        I agree with sailingpj. Google sites are really easy to use and change information. We use it for our troop. Troop 555 of Pierre Part, LA


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          We used Google Blogger, and mapped the domain to the blog. It was quick and painless, but we might look at the alternative mentioned in this thread.

 is what we came up with....


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            just a reminder that once posted to the web things almost never go away... Good bad or evil. Old versions of pages can be found at

            just enter the page address into the line titled "way back machine".


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              Wingnut, true... but at the same time, you cannot move them forward, and google does not archive information on the wayback, so you have to know what you're looking for (to some degree) first.

              It also depends on if your page hit a snapshot window with the wayback.


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                All true. I see the wayback machine as a tool not some thing to be counted on.
                I also see it as a danger to folks who post first and think latter.


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                  Now that it is October 28th and Geocities died 2 days ago, does anyone happen to know if the folks who kept up the Virtual Cub Scout Leaders Handbook at have found a new home for it? It was a truly invaluable resource for me when I first started in Scouting a couple of years ago.