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Who is in this photo?

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  • Who is in this photo?

    I have the pleasure of being at a group in England with a long history, dating back to 1911. Our local library very kindly stores many of our archives as part of their local hostory archives. I spent much of this afternoon rummaging through them and found the picture below which dates from 1912. There is no caption as to who is in the photo but take a look at the adult on the right at the front. Is that Baden Powell himself? If its not its certainly a good likeness.

    Any thoughts?

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    I searched through many pages of Google results, couldn't find that photo. Was there any sort of paperwork with the photo? Like with some info such as where the photo was taken.


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      I'd send it to the folks at Gillwell. I can't imagine this bunch of Yanks can help.


      • RememberSchiff
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        Really? My guess, if the photo was taken in the US, the woman to the right who resembles Carry Nation is the Troop Committee ChairMan and the other woman is the Advancement Chairman.

      • Twocubdad
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        Nah, no hatchet.

      • EagleScout441
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        Yanks. Really?

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      Definitely not B-P or any other of the internationally famous Scouters that I recognize. Probably a local troop leader or commissioner and some local dignitaries, but you never know. Great old pic, but they don't look very happy, do they?


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        Thanks for the thoughts chaps.

        As it happens other investigations have confirmed that, alas, it's not BP but Colonel Howard Marsh who was master of Downing College (Part of Cambridge University).

        Another version of the photo complete with names can be found here.


        Only confusions is over version says 1912 and this says 1915. Pretty old either way!

        Alas the lack of smiles I think reflects fashion of the times in such photos. Worth remembering that it was BP rebelling against the "children should be seen and not heard" school of thought of the time which was itself a reflection of the rather humourless outlook on life that had purveyed during much of the Victorian era.


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          Could be humorless times.. Also from what I have been told, it was the fact they had to sit still and pose for the camera due to the slow exposure time or you got fuzzy out of focus photos, holding a smile was harder.. Also people didn't have good dental care back then.


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            Why didn't people smile in old photos.....


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              My first guess at narrowing it down was that the scouts are not US scouts, I'm thinking British by the style of the hats (dimple in front). However the boy on the far right seems to have a crease in the front. Also the US scouts pattered their uniforms after US Army uniforms with tunics and none of the boys are wearing such a tunic. I guess I was correct.



              • moosetracker
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                Yep you are Cambridgeskip is a positive Brit.. who comes to update us now and then on the news from across the pond..