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The Philmont Trail on Wild Kingdom

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  • The Philmont Trail on Wild Kingdom

    Some of Us Ol' Timers remember Mutual of OMAHA's Wild Kingdom

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    Thanks for the link JP. Everyone watch out for the deadly sheath knife at 9:42! It may gitcha!


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      By the midpoint of the episode Jim is forced to wrestle the grizzly bear while Marlin looks on concerned. And at the commercial break Marlin says something "Like a Boy Scout is always prepared Mutual of Omaha's network of agents is prepared to help you in an emergency." I use to love that show though it became formulaic--how many poor animals did they shoot from a helicopter with tranquilizer?


      • koolaidman
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        Not knocking the show, because I loved it as a kid, however "back when" it didn't take much cream to rise to the top when you only had to compete against 3 other channels CBS, ABC and PBS. (unless you actually had good programming on UHF during prime time Sunday nights)

        Come to think of it, that's probably the same reason we watched Hee Haw too.

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      Don't be Knocking Hee Haw ! ! !
      Around here we got NBC, CBS, PBS on a Very Clear Night ABC...
      M..i..c..k..e..y M..o..u..s..e Club
      Marlin always had JIM wrestle everything...Marlin was SMART...

      Back then it was Common to shoot anything and Everything from the Helicopter ....surprised they never shot JIM


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        Some great footage of Philmont in the Sixties on there. Although the Scouts used for the footage were much better dressed than the average camper from that era. Campers were referred to as "Grubbies" by staff and they looked the part. Great to see Ray Bryan and Gene Littrell from those days.


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          I have zero experience with bears but that bubbie still looked heavy to me. Notice how easily they picked up that trash can an plopped it in the back of the pickup. Then drove off with out even securing that lid.