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Hosting Scouts from Scotland

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  • Hosting Scouts from Scotland

    I get the Opportunity to Help Host a Group of scouters from Scotland next July. So looking forward to it.

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    You'll love it, just don't accuse them of being from England

    What part of Scotland are they from?


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      I remember working the 105th Glasgow. They were awesome. One of the things they did, which I would like to do, is they have an annual dinner during their summer camp with just the PLC, both outgoing and incoming if memory serves, as a reward for their hard work and as a means to have fun. I liked it.

      Ans as Skip said, don't call them English. Heck some may not like being called Brits.


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        Any Scout that can stand drinking Irn Bru is fine by me-"its made from girders".


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          I am Part Irish and Part Scotch so I know about not Calling them English.
          Not Sure where they are coming from.
          All I know for Sure about group is
          • 3 male Explorers (14-18)
          • 2 male and 2 female Networkers (18-25)
          • Plus myself (adult I am Corresponding with)
          They Arrive in DFW and Plan on Canoeing at Camp Worth. They Have Invited us to go with them but I have not heard back yet (Max size) fromCamp Worth Yet..Since there is 8 in their Group it May Limit us to just 1 or 2 people..Hopefully we can take a group and join them there.

          They Then Come up to Camp Perkins. So Far I have Arranged a Trip to Whispers of Hope Horse Farm for Riding and assisting them with Children with Disabilities riding Therapy and They will Bring out Horses to Camp Perkins for Trail Rides at Camp Perkins.
          Still looking for more People to help with Additional Trail Rides.

          I have also recommended a Trip up to Lawton Oklahoma to Visit the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, and also the Comanche Nation Heritage Center. And Dinner in Meers for Meer's Burgers..
          I have started to see if I can arrange a Visit Locally to Sheppard Air Force Base and a Visit to the Elevator Rock Indoor Climbing Center.
          Checking around for Area Rodeos, but they plan to attend the Rodeo in Ft. Worth at the Stockyards.
          I have asked around to see if I can get the Black Powder Shooters to come out one day also.

          I have planned out themed Dinners...BBQ, Catfish Fry, Tex-Mex and I am contacting a local Cowboy Church to Do a Chuckwagon Dinner.

          I asked Wichita Lodge 35 if they Will do a Program one night.

          I am having custom key Holders made..I am Considering Special Neckerchiefs also.

          Their Plans are
          Monday 7th..Meet local Scouts and stay in Fort Worth.
          Tuesday 8th - Thursday 10th Fort Worth > Worth Ranch
          Canoeing on the 9th and 10th.
          Friday 11th - Sunday 13th
          Worth Ranch > Camp Perkins at Wichita Falls...Activities with local Scouts

          Monday 14th - Thursday 17th
          Camp Perkins > ?
          Horseback Expedition

          Friday 18th > Fort Worth Go see the rodeo at Stockyards

          Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th Fort Worth > Bandera Cowboy skills, barn dance

          Monday 21st Bandera > San Antonio Alamo

          Tuesday 22nd - Sunday 27th San Antonio > Down Home Ranch
          Monday 28th Down Home Ranch > Houston Visit Space Centre
          Tuesday 29th Fly back home
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            Tampa Turtle commented
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            Man they will be waddling back!

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          Also gonna print them Up a "Honorary" Texas Citizenship


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            Do you know about the the new International Spirit Award? It replaced the International Youth Exchange Award, which in turn replaced the World Crest requirements, yep prior to 1989, you had to earn the WC.



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              Eagle92, thank you for stating the World Crest was an earned award. No one ever believes me when I tell them I earned my world crest


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                I earned my World Crest. We Hosted 4 English Scouters one Summer, and they worked our Summer Camps


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                  Still waiting on a few thing but i played around with graphics program and started working on the "Honorary Texas Citizenship" for them.


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                    Well Well...Surprise..Set up everything...
                    Asked The Council to invite Scouts to participate
                    Asked the Lodge to put on a Program and participate..
                    Council had no SE until June 16th so they kept putting off saying they would help..
                    Lodge Made no announcement of Helping or attending..
                    Even after I told everyone I would be feeding and picking up the Cost of everything..

                    I notified them that I would host them at my House..since I was Told Camp was not available
                    I notified Scouts that there would be no Participation or program from Local Scouts..We were asked to attend Camp Worth and go Canoeing with them...However since we had No SE to decide who could attend from council no one would be going..
                    I notified them that my "Scouting" friends had backed out on helping me...I asked someone to help drive them around. No Takers.
                    I was moved on Schedule and working mandatory overtime so I could not go places with them either until after 7 pm.

                    Suddenly on the Lodge Facebook page...They Are Hosting the Scouts..

                    I get a Letter accusing me of claiming to be an Official Representative of the Council.

                    Also Saying Lodge had discussed the participation at February 2014 LEC but I did not give them any more info...I never was notified by Lodge they were interested..I tried posting on the Council's and Lodge's Facebook pages but my Posts were never approved or posted.

                    Now they are saying the Lodge and Council is having to pick up the Costs because I promised the Scouts I had said Council was paying everything..I did not..I told them I was paying all their Costs except for a Dinner in Meers Oklahoma.
                    Everything I had Planned for them was free except the Local Climbing Tower and I was paying for that also..had already made arrangements

                    No one asked me what I had in place.

                    I live with My Sister and she was giving up her bedroom so The Ladies could have a Private Room and Bathroom, Youth Boys were gonna have a Private Bedroom and Bathroom. I was gonna give up my Bedroom and sleep on a Cot in living room
                    I had bought over 650 worth of food to feed them..I had 300 dollars in Gas cards to cover gas. I even ordered Special Handmade Key Holders from Craftshop at work..another 300 dollars.

                    oh and I am banned from Council and Lodge functions from Now on. Although I am still a Boy Scout.

                    I do have screen shots of Facebook messages to Past OA Adviser, Present Adviser and Even the Dance Team Adviser and their responses and all the Emails to and From the Scottish Scouts
                    I highly doubt that the New SE will be on my side
                    Wonder what National and National OA would think of the situation...
                    Oh Well I was about to move registration to a New Council and an Active Lodge anyways


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                        Lodge's Turn out last Night to Spend Time at Camp with Them...1 Youth and about 12 Adults.....Out of 168 Registered Members..
                        I had more than that show up here at the House Because I was gonna be hosting them here and watching a Movie on the Front Lawn last night...until The Lodge came to the rescue


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                          Long way to fly to watch a movie!
                          As burned as you may feel, are your guests still having a good time.


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                            No Idea...Lodge has not shared any Information...