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uniforms around the world

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  • uniforms around the world

    Does anyone know of a way to find pictures of uniforms that are worn around the world of Scouting. Our council does an annual Mom/Son campout, and the theme for this year is scouting around the world, so are looking for different uniforms,customs etc that happen in scouting programs around the world.
    Thanks for the help

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    Check out this site

    It's the World Organization of the Scout Movement. You'll find loads of information there and some pictures of other uniforms (I remember a Scouter from Kenya featured in one). I'd also do various permutations of what you're looking for in Google. For example, search on "world scout uniforms." If you don't get what you want then search on "boy scout international uniforms." You get the idea.



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      I am french. In France there are a lot of scouting movements, so a lot of different uniforms.
      I am "Scout of Europe", and you can find pictures of our uniform - the most beautiful - at Uniform is almost blue.
      If you search french movement from the world organisation of the scout movement site, it will be the "Scouts of France" ( There are quite far from our pedagogy. Uniform is more simple with lots of colors.
      The 3rd big movement (near from the Scouts of Europe) is the "Unitary Scouts of France" ( Uniform is more brown.
      If you want more ionformations about french unifrom, ask me.
      Sorry for my very bad english.




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        Hugolin, please don't apologize for your English. It's quite understandable.

        Better than my French!

        Bonjour et bienvenu (I hope I conjugated that correctly:


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          The Scouts of Ecuador have two uniforms. One grey which is used by youth participants, and one blue which is used by leaders. Many leaders chose to wear the grey uniform, and many will have both, and only use the blue for more formal occaisions.
          The official pants are blue jeans.

          Grey Shirt:

          Blue Shirt:


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            The best way to find the uniforms on the World Wide Web is, to go to and go to look for pictures. Search for "scouting uniform"and you'll find a lot of pictures from all over the world.
            And you can also put a country name behind.

            Scouting Greetings from Holland
            Monique Huisman