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Secret forums ?

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  • Secret forums ?

    OK, so I'm a troublemaker (like Packsaddle has charged).

    But it bothers to me to see the topics of secret forums that we rank and file members may not access, secret forums that identify the names of individual users and charge that they "must GO!!".

    If our new uberclass must have secret forums, I think their topics should be kept secret too, not just the posts themselves. That way we can at least be surprised when we are told the Star Chamber says to shape up or ship out.

    (Am I being paranoid? Even paranoids have real enemies, heh, heh...)

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    I'm with Trevorum on this one. It's odd to see the teaser topics on the right for what look like good, juicy discussions, only to have it turn out the topics are for the moderators only.

    Oak Tree


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      That is being corrected hopefully today. I just talked to Terry about it and he said it shouldn't be there so hopefully he'll be able to fix that.


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        The only forums here I haven't been able to access are the ones about OA. Kevin can I can't.
        There is nothing wrong with that. He is OA I am not. The only other is one that is for moderators. I agree that maybe those threads shouldn't be displayed on the side of the screen so that all of us see them. But they don't make me scared.


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          Set your secret decoder ring to F9 to decipher the message below.

          Neetlavo erom knird.


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            i lost it because of ... (gasp) ... soap poisoning!


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              I have no problem with Admin (secret) threads. That is how moderators communicate on most forums I frequent. That way they are not having to run to PM's or e-mail all the time. Now, showing up in the border on the other side is a different thing. Quite honestly, I had never noticed that feature since I always click on the link for active threads in the last 24 hours. Funny how you can overlook something in plain site. The admin folks need to be able to communicate with each other unseen and unheard. I have no problem with that.


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                Beav, I agree - like I said, the topics should not be visible. (I'd like to know who got the "ahhh! Rain!", 'cause we sure didn't down here in Texas!)

                And thanks, Hops. I'm glad to learn that the glitch will be addressed.


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                  Its Me ... what if some of us don't like neetlavo? I'd prefer some of the purys s'yehserh in my klim! (This message has been edited by OneHour)


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                    Rain? Oh, you mean that strange wet stuff that fell out of the sky this weekend. It was nice and I heard my vegetable garden sighing as well as my lawn. I would have preferred it without the 70 MPH winds, but it was nice all the same.


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                      That was a tech glitch... whoops! (In fact, I thought we had fixed that some time ago!).

                      The Moderator Area is ONLY for offline conversations and helping to make collective decisions. The messages there are not really "secret" as much as they are just administrative.

                      I want to stress again... there is NO status involved with being a member of the moderator team, and no special "clique" is intended in any way. If I thought that was becoming the case, we'd change the way we handle moderation on the forums. On the whole, we assembled a pretty balanced group of moderators, and they are here to perform a cheerful service to help keep the forums valuable to as many people as possible. The forum moderators were selected as representatives of the entire forum community, and they work on your behalf.

                      As a rule, I prefer to see as little "moderating" as possible, and prefer not to see very many times when a post has to be edited or removed by a moderator. And even more so, I prefer to never see it come to removing an actual forum member.

                      Nothing secret, nothing elite, and very little "star power"... just extra work on the part of a few of our forum members who have volunteered to help out around here. We're all very open to critique and suggestion from the forum members.

                      TERRY HOWERTON


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                        Personally, I like secret squirrel stuff! Sorta CIAish!


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                          We got some wet stuff today and we live in the Panhandle. Close to 1/2 - 3/4". Sure was nice. My daughter was quite scared due to the fact that she had forgotten what that stuff was. (my 3 year old not my 16 year old ha-ha).



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                            Heck, YoungSpikedEagle and I were backpacking in Yellowstone last week, near the East entrance going up to the pebble creek campground. Not only did it rain all night, it hailed a little and spit snow at us. Nothing like a brisk 1,000 feet elevation gain and sleet in the face to get the heart racing.


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                              I'm told we got almost 3 inches yesterday! I wasnt home, we went and saw Aaron Tippin in concert in Charleston, IL. Also, the news said we had a tornado pass through the county. Now that I think about it, dad and I could have come to a lot different environment.