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  • Overbearing moderators

    Time for a some of our moderators to reevaluate what they think should be discussed on the forums.

    Censorship is getting pretty strong on here.

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    I don't know about over bearing, but I do see they've censored the thread on censorship. I tend to agree though that a certain thread that degenerated into a debate on the pros and cons of a specific member probably was not appropriate. It was kind of like talking behind someone's back, right in front of them while everyone else listened in. (Don't know if that last sentence makes sense, but it does to me.) Instead of outright locking the thread maybe they could have issued a warning?

    Now it remains to be seen if they will censor this thread discussing the censorship of thread on censorship.



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      The moderators are doing a fine job. he threads they do close they have good reasons for closing. They let a lot of things slid in the politics forum.


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        Censorship getting strong? Oh, I don't know, take a look at how many threads there have been over the years and tell me how many have been closed. Two this week. How many do you recall before that? One started out asking what had become of Bob. Some chose to be less than scoutlike and air their complaints and even throw in a few other names. The thread had served it's purpose and was tilting off topic. Since some people couldn't seem to police their own ill feelings, the mods simply closed the thread. If you have a scout who is mishandling a 22 at summer camp, do you take it away or let him keep waving it around? The mods give a lot of lee way. Some people overstep the boundaries. The oath and law applies to scouters as well as all times. Do you allow scouts to sit around the campfire and bad mouth a fellow scout repeatedly....especially if he is not present to defend himself? Think about it.


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          "Censorship is getting pretty strong on here."

          Do any of us have any rights at all to speak here?


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            It really looks as if the Eamonn and Unc fan club is foundering.
            I thought that there was something fishy about them!!
            I am a big fan of Hops and OGE. I think that we are all guests here. Terry, Hops and OGE are more than tolerant and do if you ask me show very good judgment.
            Way to go Guys, keep up the good work.


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              I do believe the moderators here do a great job. They put up with a lot more than I would. Heck, I would probably ban myself!
              I post on a couple of other scouting boards, one you have to watch what you say, if you disagree with the moderators, they ask you not to post anymore if you do they ban you. A couple of the other ones are just plain nasty anything goes. This one seems to be the most active, and with mostly scouters posting and not trolls.


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                I probably would have closed the BW thread.

                I probably would not have closed the censorship thread. After all, it does sound a bit off to be censoring a thread on censorship, even if it did deserve it.

                Perhpas moving to the issues and politics section would have been more appropriate, along with posting a warning about using the program section for non-Scouting discussions.

                In any case I think the mods do a decent enough job.

                On an unrelated note, does anyone else think the real discussion of program has slowed down a bit lately along with the off topic stuff. It seems like somehow those off topic things eventually wound up generating more real program related discussion. Maybe that debate/argument/conflict kept things fresh and interesting. I don't really know. It could just be the time of year, I don't know.


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                  Forums go through different periods. I've been involved with this forum for a little over a year. There have been some great periods of scout-like discussion, some periods of petty bickering and fights, periods with a real psycho-philosophical dude (whew, glad he's gone), and periods of down-right dullness. I must admit, I was getting bored with the board a few months ago. We've gotten some fresh faces as of late, and we've had more of a focus on scouting topics. That's been refreshing for the board. I hope this trend keeps up, and we talk less about HWCBN.


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                    While I post infrequently, I read this forum almost every day. The moderators are doing a fine job.

                    When one of our moderators lock a thread it is not censorship. Censorship is something that a government practices. We can say anything we like, but if the moderators of this privately owned site don't want to let us post it here, they are under no obligation to let us. The owner and moderators can govern the contents of this site as they see fit. If a poster doesn't like these decisions, he is free to start his own site.


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                      Terry, Hops & OGE do a great job! So I always agree with them? No. But they are doing what they think is best for the board.

                      Ed Mori
                      Troop 1
                      1 Peter 4:10
                      A blessed Christmas to all!


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                        Merry Christmas Terry, Hops & OGE. Thanks for what you do. Don't let this get you down. I wouldn't want to have to make these decisions either.


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                          Overbearing? Really? With less than 1% of the threads on this board ever closed, and just a handful of friendly edits to specific posts that cross the line, you find that overbearing?

                          Edited from my previous posts addressing moderators and thread closures:First, I want to take a moment and thank HopsScout (a fine, young Scout) and OldGreyEagle (a Scouter I would have loved to have in my troop when I was a youth) once again for their tremendous service to this forum... they both stepped up to fill a much needed role, and have done so consistently with the kind of balanced cheerful service that we all expected. Their personalties could not be more suited for the job.

                          Both of these folks have consistently demonstrated "moderation" in the way they have presented themselves on the board, and have been model Scouts/Scouters in their posts, as far as I'm concerned. Are any of us perfect? Heck no! But could you imagine doing a better job?

                          They can edit, move and delete posts within the forum to help keep things organized and ensure quality content. On rare occasion, the Moderator might need to step in and edit or remove a post that violates the Rules of Decorum for the Forum. It is a shame when a Moderator has to do this, and it doesn't happen very often. The Moderator is not here to censor opinions, just to keep the discussions honest and filter out the non-sense, if necessary.

                          Remember, when you post here you are not just participating in a discussion, but creating a searchable archive of ideas and resources that will be used for years to come. Nearly a hundred thousand people a month use this web site, and the "living archive" of content you're helping create will be here long after many members leave. How beneficial will your mark be to those who follow?

                          I think some are overreacting about "thread closures". A big part of the moderator's role is simply to "guide" the discussion forward. Closing a thread doesn't mean a topic is being squelched or anyone's speech is being restricted. It's just a friendly correction, leaving open the chance for everyone to continue the discussion in other threads and in other ways, but first giving a small pause to decide whether the discussion is appropriate in the first place.

                          Moderators are at the wheel of our little boat, rolling gently down the river. We're all in the same boat, heading in the same direction together. Moderator's just try to keep us between the shores, and occasionally speed or slow the boat when things might get out of hand. (And once in a while our moderators might chase off the occasional loon that tries perching on our deck.) How beneficial will your mark be to those who follow? (This message has been edited by a staff member.)


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                            I will also add my thanks for this forum. It reflects a lot of hard work and devotion of time, not only by the forum owner, but to those who post in an effort to make the Scouting program stronger and more effective for the youth whom we all serve. Countless more users are reading and searching, also taking their time for a better understanding of the Scouting Movement.

                            I only ask that the "Rules" be enforced fairly across the board, regardless of how "knowledgeable" the offender is. Rudeness and name-calling is never becoming of a Scouter or Scout and has no place here.

                            Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night.


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                              Well said, scoutldr--I'll simply say "ditto" to that. Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you Terry, OGE, and Hops!