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Remind: Scoutlike actions please

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  • Remind: Scoutlike actions please

    I would just like to remind everybody that this is a Scout Forum and everybody should act Scoutlike. Name calling and other types of attacks will not be tolerated

    It hasnt been a big problem lately, but there have been a couple and I just wanted to remind everybody

    As you were...

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    Maybe I missed something. It has been so quiet in camp that I thought everybody had gone to town. Are you sure it wasn't an echo from the past?
    Ok, sarcasm, I get it.


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      Reminder: just because nobody's calling you a jerk doesn't mean they don't think you are one. Personally, I like freedom of tends to dispel ambiguity.


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        Freedom of speech.

        I think we are beginning to understand the value and the worth of it.


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          I don't think much of the "freedom" to ruin an otherwise great forum with infantile, argumentative, and negative comments about other contributors thoughts.


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            All protagonists need antagonists, without the one, the other wilts on the vine. I beleive it was my dear sainted mother who told me, you know, Bobby only picks on you because you give him good reaction, if you quit reacting to him, he won't bother you.

            She was a wise woman


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              "All protagonists need antagonists, without the one, the other wilts on the vine. I beleive it was my dear sainted mother who told me, you know, Bobby only picks on you because you give him good reaction, if you quit reacting to him, he won't bother you.

              She was a wise woman"

              ...and she wore army boots. ;^)

              Sorry OGE, I just couldn't resist.


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                Indeed. A very wise woman. My own mother spoke similarly. She advised to "consider the source" and pay it the attention due. The reactions obtained are fuel for the next hit. Without fuel, the antagonist will grow weary of his game.

                "What I don't know Mr. Spock is why I forgot that just now."

                I love my mother.


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                  So now the Forum has censorship to delete, the squelch button to ignore, and we have the right to look the other way when somebody offends. Shouldn't all of those controls make this a nearly perfect site? Out of the hundreds that pass this way, only about 20 take the time to post. Recently, there has been an abrupt change in the postings and even fewer engage. I think the management will need to install some other buttons to bring about whatever it is that people are wanting. I am not sure what that is. Maybe it is to be left alone to think without being disturbed.

                  Now, that would be a button worth installing on a Website. That should make the news. It would read: Scouter forum has installed a button so that people could be left alone. A Scout is friendly wasn't worth the time and effort, nor was the Freedom of Speech. People first wanted to throw those out that disagreed with them. Then they didn't want to hear anything that would offend there personal values. They squelched some and then censored others. Even after all of that the few that stayed still didn't like it and wanted more controls. It continued on until nobody would or could say a word. They were all left alone with their personal thoughts. We think now they are finally happy but we will never know.



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                    This is a slight tangent (remember your geometry) to Fuzzy's post. I do believe that some content on these boards needs to be controlled. I also believe in an individual's right to chose.

                    I beleive the moderators (whom I support whole-heartedly) have a responsibility to keep these forums worthy of Scouting discussion.


                    I also believe in an individual's right to squealch or ignore other users writings.

                    I, for one, would rather read an opposition opinion than ignore it and would certainly not deny myself the right to read what someone is saying.

                    I chose not to do that, but leave you be with your own choices.

                    I also respect the right of an individual, however how erudite or prolific, to stop giving his/her wisdom to us, the masses.

                    It's about choices and options. Those we take and those that are taken from us or for us that helps shape who we are.



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                      I'm going to post this despite the risk of getting booed right out of the forum. But I beg all of you to offer me the freedom of speech to say this. Of course you all may judge me accordingly once I have said my piece, but I hope you are all understanding that my following comment is only for the benefit of the forum that we have all become a part of.

                      So here goes...

                      Isn't a tangent a concept from trigonometry and not geometry?


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                        Sorry. My apologies to Zahanada. I'm a Social Science guy, not a mathematics guy. Wrong field. Zahanada is correct.



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                          I actually meant to put a little smiley face next to my last post. You're forgiven, Unc. I remember once in college, I was with a bunch of guys and we had just finished some kind of activity/ community service. We were given a pan of coffee cake and we all sat down and grabbed a piece. Then one guy says, "I know someone's going to hit me, but did anyone notice that we managed to eat the cake into the periodic table?" And sure enough, the remaining pieces were in the shape of the table of elements.

                          Then someone hit him.


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                            Actually it's both. "tan" is a trig function. A "tangent" is a geometric relationship.

                            The tangent function is defined by

                            tan(x)= sin(x)/cos(x)

                            The word "tangent" also has an important related meaning as a line or plane which touches a given curve or solid at a single point. These geometrical objects are then called a tangent line or tangent plane, respectively.

                            Class dismissed.


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                              See, I think scoutldr has related some unscout like message above and I would love to edit it out, but I don't know where to start!!!