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Is Scouter dot com working properly?

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  • Is Scouter dot com working properly?

    I love this website, the forums, the information, all great stuff.

    Lately, when I reply to a forum post and click "Do you wish to be notified via email when there is a reply to this thread?" I dont receive an email notification, what's going on? Am I the only guy (scouter) this is happening to?

    Sorry ladies, I'm originally from Chicago, "guys" is interchangable as in "all uh yooz guys" which means "all of you."

    Please advise.


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    No, you aren't the only one. This happens from time to time, and they usually fix it for awhile before it messes up again. This usually means you can't PM anyone as well, but I don't know if that is the case this time. Sorry I haven't stopped by to see you - been too busy at work. Maybe next month.


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      You didn't waste any time, did you Gonzo?
      Brent, Yep, the PM is out also. Both have been out probably about 6 weeks. I've sent messages to "CONTACT US" also with no response from the moderators. "CONTACT US" must be down also. I'm not sure how many PM's I've sent in the six weeks, but the last reply back came from the "SUMMERCAMP PRANKS" site quite awhile ago.
      Even sent Eammon a HAPPY ST PATTIES DAY last week. Sorry Ea. if you didn't get it.
      Whoever was trying to unload the older size 42-44 red scout coat/Jackshirt, I'm intersted if you still have it. Gave my 70's edition to my 20 year old. The belly got to big.
      Well I'm clicking on Email notification again. We'll see if it works this time.


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        ASM915, the Moderators do not receive any emails from the Contact Us feature, that is for the administrators of the website, not the Moderators. I did not realize the Private Message feature was not working. If you want to contact me, email me at


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          Thanks for the information, ya'll.

          And happy St. Patrick's Day to Eamonn. BTW Ea, my mom's family came from County Cork, surnames are Redington's and Cronin's.


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            I think it also means we can't edit a message, I'm having trouble with editing.

            Brent, I'll see you soon.


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              Hey guys, it's back up and working, which leads to a few more questions.

              1)Will all the poor souls who tagged "Do you wish to be notified by email......" no get flooded with response notifications that have been floating around in CYBERLAND for the last 6 weeks?

              2) Will the unsuspecting recipients of my PM's now receive all the PM's that I've sent out over the last 6 weeks?

              3) Will I receive PM's that were sent to me or is everything just blown away in CYBERSPACE?

              Gonzo, I'll E-mail you tomorrow. Lead 3-11PM Resp. Supervisor.


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                Hey Gonzo - it took a long while for the fine Southern Folk I live around now to get used to my "you guys" Yankee speech. I have just not caught on to the y'all thing yet.


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                  im always having problems with "Today's Active Topics" I seem to get an Error message when i click it.


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                    My wife says that the more tired I get at night, the more the
                    "Chicagoese" comes out, like "All's I got in my wallet is a fi'dollah bill."


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                      Maybe you should look at becoming a profession at Council, Then maybe you might have a Hamilton instead of only fi'dollah. Sounds like D.C. might be slipping on the income scale.


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                        I'm doing OK, I just had a f'dollah bill, not a fitty dollah bill


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                          Seein' as I'm from St. Louis (the furthest North southern city or vice versa, schizophrenic at the best of times), I not only have "you guys" but also "y'all"!

                          I had noticed the lack of notification, glad somebody followed up on it: