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Forum Problem - Is It Just Me?

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  • Forum Problem - Is It Just Me?

    Is it just me or are other people experiencing problems pulling up the page of "Today's ACtive Topics"? This certainly isn't meant to be a criticism because I truely appreciate the hard work Scouter_Terry puts into this FREE resource. That being said, the response time between pages seems extremely slow nad in the case of the page mentioned, it times out and gives me a message of "Unable to display this page". Aside from the usual slowness, I have been having this patricular problem for the past week. Do we need to throw a few more Webelos in the squirrel cage to speed things up?

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    Lordy! Did I have spelling problems or what? In my defense, I had a cheeseburger in one hand while typing with the other.


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      It's not just you, the problem is also being discussed under the heading "Today's Active Topics"



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        It's not you. The forum has become extremely slow and non-responsive recently. Very frustrating. Moderators, wassup????


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          I'm *not* a moderator, so take this with a grain of salt. I did talk with Terry about this awhile back, and at that time, he was having a "challenge" with the servers. Someone in the other mentioned topic noted that we might have outgrown the forum software. Or it could be Terry just needs some help. As I said in the other thread, I live in the same general area as him, so I'm going to drop him a line to see what the situation is. He does, after all, have a real business to run as well . I'll report back through the other thread.


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            Well i also find that troubling. My gaming clan uses invisionfree forums. They are great. You have complete control over the forum, and no offense, but you can do more with them than you can here. The only problem is, you cant transfer this forum over to that one. So all the topics would have to be redone and people would have to re-register. Its a pain, but if you ask me its worth it. The website is called If you want to see a sample boyscout forum, i made one for my troop, but we havnt gotten around to moving to it yet. We've been very busy recently. Take this into consideration, an if you think its a good choice, lemme know and i'd be more than happy to help you out.


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              Just an FYI.

              Terry commented in the other "performance" thread yesterday that there has been a problem with one of the servers that this site runs on, and that he's hoping to get to it this week. Hang in there.

              I asked about "help" and newer software, but haven't heard back yet. When I hear something, I'll try to respond back in these threads, if Terry doesn't have a chance to.