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Double Postings?

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  • Double Postings?

    Has anyone figured out what causes a message to appear twice, even though it was submitted only once?

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    Sometimes there is a delay of as much as 30 seconds while the message is being posted which may lead one to believe that nothing is happening. Double posts may occur if the "Submit Your Message" button is hit more than once.


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      Your right about that, every one of your posts is duped. Hitting the submit button twice will result in the 2nd post having a post time several seconds later. Yours are identical. Maybe your ideas are worth double?


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        Both of my double postings also had exactly the same time stamp:

        Posted: Sunday, 8/21/2005: 12:45:18 AM

        And I didn't hit the send key twice.

        Since then the duplicate has been removed:


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          Sometimes our diligent, dedicated, and efficient moderator staff will delete duplicate posts. However it has been observed that deleting one of two posts with identical timestamps will result in both being removed.


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            I've had my posts rejected and then I retry and I have two posts. I started to check back to the thread and found that even though it said it was rejected, it was posted. So now I check every time before I try again.


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              pamchuckm duplicate posts - the posts must be linked because I deleted one and both got deleted!

              (Proving what Fscouter posted was accurate).