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Need help identifying a patch

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  • Need help identifying a patch

    Hello. I have a friend with a patch from Japan, and need help identifying it. Any help is welcome!

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    I don't know Japanese, but if the patch is new, I'm guessing it has something to do with the Boy Scout World Jamboree in 2015 in Japan and if it is older, I'd second guess the World Jamboree in 1971 in Japan. The picture is very large pixeled and doesn't enlarge to see any detail so it is hard to even make out what the wording may signify but one can see the flag and map of Japan and that's about it.


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      Do you live anywhere near a Japanese grocery? Your best bet would be to find someone who speaks and reads the language to translate for you. It could be a jamboree patch but it doesn't have the logo of the 2015 world jamboree on it. It could be a summer camp patch, it could be a camporee patch, with the crane and red cross on it, it could be a first aid meet patch. For all we know, it could be a Girl Scout patch.


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        I can't help with identification, but would like to say that's a pretty sweet patch right there I tell ya what.


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          Oh i can help you right now sunny boy!. That is the origami merit badge, very hard to acquire, how did you come in possession of such a gem?.


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            Not a current Japanese Merit Badge (not that they csall them merit badges), but not sure what it is.

            Back to CP's suggestion - find someone who can read Japanese.

            ED: I have found such a person, but a clearer picture is needed to read the words.