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any value to these?

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  • any value to these?

    I live in MI, where the local councils have been replaced by a nearly-statewide mega council. Since the new council doesn't yet have shoulder patches, the "old" council patches are still out there. My question: do those/will those old council patches be of much value, once the new council patches appear on the scene? Just curious mostly - I don't really trade, but my son does, occasionally, and he might want to stock up now, if folks think it's worth it.

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    I would imagine that it will still come down to rarity and desirability, not just being discontinued.

    For instance I know the Pikes Peak Council down the road just put out new council strips, but they replace ones that they've used for decades and printed tens of thousands of. I have a feeling they'll be worth $2 or so.

    At the same time the Denver Area Council prints a new strip to commemorate everything that happens. While they are all relatively rare (100-1,000), there really isn't a lot of demand by collectors.

    Being a discontinued council, they can't be worn, so the value is only for a collection.

    Anyway, to make a long story short, I'd say go buy one for the patch blanket/jacket and a couple to put in a box.


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      Being a discontinued council, they can't be worn, so the value is only for a collection. "

      I bet they will be worn for years, if for nothing but a silent protest!


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        I guess I don't know the politics of the question, so I wouldn't read to much into my reply.


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          I'm part of the same "Area 2" project. Hard to tell what will happen and when. Two years ago I was part of Detroit Area Council, and today I am part of Great Lakes Council. When Area 2 takes effect we will be something else. I'll have lots of extra patches. Oh boy!



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            The True Value in the Patch for me is "where and When" I traded a Patch..

            Such as getting A Pikes Peak patch when I went there.
            Trading for a Particular Patch at Philmont

            I am happy with a 1 for 1 trade
            I value those more over a supposedly $2000 Patch.

            I never intend on Selling my Patches so I would say grab every patch you can afford and store and trade.

            Most it depends on what kind of Trader you are a 1 for 1 or a Profit Trader.


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              Yeah, I am also part of a council being dissolved because of the new Michigan council. New council name for the entire lower peninsula is now Michigan Crossroads Council. I think I will wear my old patch for as long as I can and just say I can't afford the new one.


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                last I heard, we were now part of the "southern shores" council.

                Funny, I thought pretty much all of lower peninsula MI was supposed to be one big old council, yet here I sit in SE MI not that far from Ken, and we're evidently in 2 separate councils, still? And roadkill adds a third? Confusing.


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                  The entire lower peninsula is now the Michigan Crossroads Council. This is the only 501(c)3 council recognized by National.

                  The lower peninsula is then split into 4 Field Service Councils. These are not stand-alone councils, but service areas so not everyone in Michigan has to converse with the main council office. Each one will have a Scout Executive.

                  Our Field Service Council is now President Gerald R. Ford Field Service Council, which was the formed Gerald R. Ford Council and Scenic Trails Council.

                  From the Web:

                  We have a new name! Michigan Crossroads Council!
                  Approved by our Transitional Board last week, the new name of our statewide legal entity will be known as the Michigan Crossroads Council, and with this final name our naming process is complete. The Michigan Crossroad Council is made up of four Field Service Councils which include:

                  President Gerald R. Ford Field Service Council will serve the Gerald R. Ford and Scenic Trails legacy councils.
                  Water & Woods FSC will serve the Tall Pine, Lake Huron Area, Blue Water and Chief Okemos legacy councils.
                  Southern Shores Field Service Council will serve the Southwest Michigan and Great Sauk Trail legacy councils.
                  Great Lakes Field Service Council will serve the Great Lakes legacy council.

                  Hope this helps to clear it up.


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                    I used to live in the West Michigan Shores Council. I wasn't a registered scouter so I didn't have a uniform or a patch but I helped my little brothers with all of their cub scout stuff. When I got back into scouting I decided I wanted to display the activity patches I had from back then on the back of a jacket. I wanted a council patch to display them with and I had to search high and low to find someone who had one like I remembered. So yes I think these patches will have some value and that value will increase as years go by.


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                      Originally posted by Second Class View Post
                      Being a discontinued council, they can't be worn, so the value is only for a collection. " I bet they will be worn for years, if for nothing but a silent protest!
                      It's been a decade since VA's Robert E. Lee Council changed its name to Heart of Virginia, and people still wear the RE Lee strip. As far as value, out of curiosity I looked RE Lee's up on eBay a few weeks after the switch in 2003, and they were mostly ~$11. Now they're going $5-10. So I wouldn't depend on them to pay anyone's tuition :P


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                        I just checked the "auction site" for my first, and now defunct, council, Canal Zone, with closed in '87.

                        You can get the common council patch for about 24 bucks. The final commemorative issue is 35 bucks.

                        On the other hand, the old red/white can be had for 69 bucks.

                        Not trying to sell anything, just an FYI.

                        Seems to me, council patches have never had the collectability of OA stuff.

                        I concur with the others--my patches mean more sentimentally than financially.

                        But I have to admit, when I see what some of my patches from Alaska ('70s era) are going for, it's hard to believe!