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SR-2 Conclave at Lost Pines Scout Reservation

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  • SR-2 Conclave at Lost Pines Scout Reservation

    Is any one going?

    I'm in the Host Lodge, Tonkawa 99.

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    When is it?


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      The Southern Region 2 - Section Conclave 2006 will be held March 31 thru April 2 at the Lost Pines Scout Reservation in Bastrop, Texas.

      Here is the SR-2 Section Conclave web page:

      I am in the Tatanka District of the Sam Houston Area Council and many youth and adults from the district will be attending. It promises to be a great event!

      Yours in Scouting,

      Joe Henry


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        Hillis, I plan on being there (that'll be three weekends camping during March!)


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          Dang - poor planning - I'll be at Enchanted Rock climbing that weekend. Our troop is locked into that date due to schedule with Venture Crew that specializes in climbing and could only support that weekend.

          We've been up to that area twice in the last few months (Dec & Jan) at Bastrop State Park for orienteering. It's great!

          Too bad about sched issue - I would really like to meet some of you guys (or is it gals?)!


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            Ahh - climbing at Enchanted Rock. I actually think that sounds like more fun!

            Have your guys done the council's COPE course? Our Troop did this and they are still pumped! Everyone said it was the best Scouting experience they've ever had, short of Philmont!


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              My Philmont Crew is doing COPE in a few weeks to help prep us for Philmont. It sounds great!

              This Saturday was a Work Day where our Lodge tried to prepare the camp for Comclave. We are doing another prep day after Spring Break, and I think we will be ready for it! Lost Pines is lookin' good, and it should be a lot of fun. We set up more wall tents than I can count, and the climbing tower base was refinished. We cleared the parade grounds and pkanted new grass for the Powwow dancing, began to set up ceremony areas, and also generally cleaned up the camp.

              Is there anything that ya'll want to see or do at this Conclave that would make it special?


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                That sounds great, Hillis! I'm looking forward to it and looking forward to meeting you. Last weekend I was at Griffith League with the troop, but I know ya'll were busy at LPSR. Say, what trek are you on? We're doing 7-02.


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                  I'm going to Philmont 6-21 (Troop 399 Crew). Which Crew are you? Is your group getting pumped up? Mine is. We are really getting in to it, so I think we will have fun this summer. I'm sure looking forward to it.

                  At Conclave I'll be a Commissioner, so I should see many of you on the first night while everyone is settling in, and I will see all of you at some point. Is anyone competing in ceremonies? If so, which ones? I'm competing in Novice Brotherhood.

                  Also, is anyone coming interested in patch trading?



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                    Hey everyone! We just finished up our last preparation day yesterday for Conclave and its all good. We are ready and convinced that this will be a great Conclave. Some cool activities are planned and we should have the tower, pool, waterfront, rifle range, and a whole bunch of other stuff going on. Theres also going to be AMAZING food prepared by our All Vigil Kitchen and a "Thunderbird Cafe" for more good eats. The camping areas are set up and so are the classroom GP tents. The parade grounds is freshly planted with new grass for the powwow, and the patches are really cool. It's gonna be an awesome get-together, and I'm excited. I'm a commissioner, so I'll be out there early checking lodges in and getting everyone set up. See you there!


                    P.S. Does anyone want to trade patches? Bring your lodges patches and I'll bring mine so we'll set up a deal. Post a message if you want anything specific, like the new limited edition patches for the Tonkawa Conclave Staff complete with two pins for the work weekends that will not be sold ever.


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                      Thanks for coming out to everyone that did, it was a fun Conclave!