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  • Brotherhood Tokens

    So in 2012 when my lodge merged with 3 others we decided to create a brotherhood token much like the Ordeal Arrow. We thought that since the Ordeals have their arrows, and the Vigils have their cookies then why don't the brotherhoods have bars? Each Brotherhood candidate gets a set of two horizontal red bars that hang around their neck. I was just wondering if any other lodges do something like this?

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    Yep. Been doing it since the 50's in our lodge (Tamegonit #147). Here is an overview.

    Many of the lodges in our area do Something of this sort. Wah-Sha-She in Ozark Trails has super long ones with a bead for every lodge event.....several lodges still use a form of the Mic-o-say claws, and then there is our own Mic-o-say Tribe at H. Roe Bartle Reservation, whichi s a whole different animal......lots of examples to look at.


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      Wichita Lodge 35 does a Necklace...However nothing specifically for Brotherhood alone...However People forget to give them out and since they have changed over the years and run out of some beads or a style of bead is no longer available..We don't have a Guide for what they are given for exactly..
      We got an Imitation Eagle Claw for Eagle Scout..Beads for Ordeal Member, Brotherhood, Vigil, Bead for Attending OA Events, Beads for participating in Pre-Ordeal, Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil Ceremonies, Beads for Each Principal Part (A,M,N,K) performed., Bead for Serving Lodge on LEC among things

      I had Challenge coins designed but Lodge Advisers never presented to Youth to Vote on..4 Coins..One for Candidates who were called out..1 For Ordeal, 1 For Brotherhood and 1 for Vigil of an Incentive to stay active. Sad part was The Die was gonna be Paid by the Company (the Owner an A Former OA Member) and First 50 of each I was gonna pay for. So No Cost to the Lodge..and Yes they are a BSA Approved Licensee


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        Tried posting the Artwork but Says I am not authorized


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          So it looks like most lodges who do this have a year round necklace that people continually add to, but what we do is just a token like your ordeal arrow that you only where while doing your brotherhood.