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  • Joke of a OA Lodge

    Boy My Local Lodge has become a Joke of a Lodge..a Shell is all it is. Run by a Select few.

    Until a few Days ago..Facebook page was "secret" so no one could find it. No one can post directly, has to be approved by an Admin.
    Only Activities we have...Winter Ordeal, Summer Ordeal, Call Out..

    I volunteered to Host a Pot Luck Dinner...Lodge said it could not afford it ????????
    I volunteered to Host an outdoor Movie..No Go

    They don't announce anything. Won't Share Pictures...Our Website is a Freaking Joke
    This year they Decided since most of the Adults were Woodbadging..Conclave was not Important to them...Did not bother to promote it much. I paid for Myself and two attendees. I volunteered to fund the Patches...Lodge rejected that and did get 150 pieces made of a 2 piece set...Attendees were allowed 2 sets...Some were reserved for members who went to woodbadge instead of Conclave.

    Only Worried about NOAC next year...Really..No Idea what the Local Cost is for Scouters, Who can attend...They said something about Scouters putting up deposits soon...No Details.

    We are suppose to have an OA Fundraiser BBQ Contest July 26th....No Details

    We were Awarded a Southern Region Grant to assist the Council on a New Shotgun Area....We don't have any one has been asked to Help in any way. Except maybe the "In" crowd.

    We receive no Emails, Letters, Announcements from the Lodge.

    We got a NOAC patch fundraiser...only 150 patches Made...75 were sold out to the Public already...75 are reserved for Members, no one knows anything about when they will be available to us, limitations on amounts we can purchase...Obviously with 168 registered members some of us won't be able to get any

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    That July 26 BBQ fundraiser is on the calendar for August 26th. Sorry to hear about your lodge issues. I understand your frustration, but publicly criticizing them is not likely to get you on the "in" crowd to make things better.


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      I give up trying to Make things better...I guess we will have a Huge Turn out on July 26th then


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        I'm not really sure what the actual issues are from your post.

        There are extreme limitations on the use of Facebook for scouting, what you're encountering here could be an attempt to stay within usage policy. Frankly kids don't Facebook anymore, it stopped being the in thing when grandparents started using it, no big loss.

        When you say you volunteered to hold events it sounds like you offered to put on events to entertain scouts? You're an adult correct; this isn't your program.

        Shared pics could be an internet usage/safety issue.

        A good website can be useful, but like all else it's only as good as the youth running it.

        Special patches aren't important, they're not what the OA's about; your lodge has a flap, correct? Ok, that's the only patch that's needed.

        What I hear are a lot of concerns that relate to meaningless fluff, and an actual lack of communication.

        As far as communication, have you attended those three events, I imagine information was shared there?

        I'm also not hearing you showing an understanding that this is a youth ran BSA program where scouts learn from the errors they make ...which means they will screw things up, it's expected.

        Has your troop OA rep spoke with his Chapter/Lodge Chief to get details on up and coming events?


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          I volunteer to do stuff....Adult Adviser does not present it to Youth to Yay or Nay
          They share only what Certain people want...
          Do I attend events...sure when I can get off...I need to ask for time off 3 Months in advance..As a Correctional Officer for the State of Texas I can not simply walk-in and say "Hey I am taking this Time off"...If the events are not announced How Can I ask off? I work a 4 on 4 off 12+ hour Day. Did I attend Summer Ordeal this Time, No it was announced 3 Days ahead of Time, during My work Schedule, they had changed the Dates already because of some reason. Did I attend Call Out this time...No again because they announced it on Facebook 2 days before hand.

          Some Sort of Communication is important to get Information out...LEC Date Changes to fit the Needs of a Few, So I find it hard to attend for work reasons or not knowing it is being held..Only a select few get told about stuff, so even though I have Volunteered to help on anything, even if it is Scrubbing Toilets, We don't know what is going on. We were awarded an OA Grant this year to assist the Council in putting in a Shotgun Course...ummmmmmm no word on that Project...was it started, was it finished? Who Volunteered? Who was Told anything?
          Do we have a Newsletter through Snail Mail....No
          Do we have a Newsletter through Email..........No
          Do we have an Updated Website...................No
          Do we have an Effective Facebook page.........No
          When I do attend Events do I stand around with my hands in my Pockets while it is time to Clean up Like all the Other Adults....No I grab a broom, I grab a Mop, I carry out the Trash, I help Stack Chairs, Fold Up Tables, or Store Equipment along side the Youth.

          You May Not Use Facebook for Scouting but others Do..I currently Have 76 Councils, I have National OA, I have Southern Region OA, I have SR2-3N OA, I have National BSA, I have BSA Cub Scouts, I have BSA Ventures, I have Philmont, I have Florida Sea Base, I have Northern Tier.. And I also have Mic-o-Shay, Swampbase, Galveston Seabase, I have TAC, Plus I have world Scouting Programs, plus at least 50 Units as liked pages or as Friends.....All of them post Updates Daily.

          Special Patches is what pays for Lodge Events..Lodge wants money from me...Why Not first present the Patches to Us for $25.00 a piece (which they Sold out of to Nonmembers first) instead of to the Public. Why are Members not worthy of owning those patches?

          I bought 4 Tickets to a Fundraiser Meal...It Got Canceled...I did not get a Refund.. NO

          I am a Member of Several BBQ Competition Organizations..I could easily bring in 200 Teams if I knew the Details..
          No One is gonna try and Enter a Tuesday BBQ Cook Off, so Date has to be wrong, but then again with my Lodge You never know.

          So you would rather see a Sash and Dash Lodge than an Active one?
          If you were a Youth or a Parent what kind of Lodge would your son to be part of?
          a. One that does nothing but is always begging for money from you
          b. One that offers Opportunities to promote scouting.

          I am the Only Lodge Members to assist OA Southern Disaster Relief in Oklahoma after the Tornado....Did I post it Yes..Did anyone else participate...No
          Did The Pictures I took get Shared by The Lodges involved...Yes they Did, Some where even used on several Local a regional News Outlets....

          I am constantly being asked by councils and Lodges outside of my own to attend events and participate..I was asked to Help photograph conclave this year.

          While it is a Boy Scout Lead program....I do not feel it is an Adult responsibility to allow it to a Unit level, at a district level a Council Level or at a National level...

          Wondering why it is Adults who Vote on all those BSA Changes? What Youth is the President of BSA? Why Do Councils have Board of Directors? hopefully to prevent them from Failing because Youth are not worried about it... they want to have Fun

          Like I said I am through with this Lodge..Why Should I stay in it?
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            Ouch, Sorry it is such a bad experience for you. I have had some issues with my lodge too, but they are nothing compared to what you are going through.


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              It ain't just the Lodge it is also with the Council
              Lodge ain't nothing Like we were when I was a Youth...
              We had Monthly Campouts or Fellowships ( Eat outs at Local places, Movie Nights at a Theater, We Kept up areas of the Camp)
              We Had Winter and Summer Ordeals with Hearts, Spades, and Dominoes Tournaments for Both Youth and Adults
              We had a outstanding OA Ring for Tap Out...errr I mean Call outs...With an Arbor for Drummers and Singers...We had Tepees we sat up..We had a Fire Ring with Magic Flame (Propane and Electric Starter)
              We regularly had 40+ Youth and about the same Adults attend everything..
              We Promoted Conclaves..We use to win Media Contests all the Time with our Newsletter "The Wilomac"

              Seem I can't even suggest that on Friday Night that if people wanted to gather early at Camp and I cook a Dinner for them (instead of them Eating at Home or Stopping to get food before they come out as required by Lodge Plans) without it interfering with the Lodges Crappy Cracker Barrel

              I had a friend in the Air Force who use to be a Council Member and a Lodge Member with me as a youth send his Wife and 3 Sons back to Florida while he does 3 years here to Retire because he did not want his son's in our Scouting Program. How bad do you think our Program has to be to not see your Family for 3 Years?
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                Let me ask you something. Is that 168 members Youth Members or total members? Are you sure that is not Chapter members? Do you know the breakdown? I know you are not in a large Council, that number seems low to me.


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                  As of January 2014 we were told had 168 "Registered" Members Total...We have no Chapters...We took 5 Youths and 8 Adults to Conclave in March...I paid for 2 of those...ended up being 1 first time youth..1 first time adult..We Lost 1 18 year old at Last minute to WoodBadge.

                  At LEC I think the Best we had was 9 Youths show up..Adults we usually have a 18-20 Range show up.


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                    JP there are obvious issues with the program in your lodge. My point is: cut away the frills, like patches, photos, and web resources (all nice things when the program is functioning), and focus on the issue rather than complaining about a random collection of mostly non-critical items.

                    I'm hearing" The program isn't working well and you aren't getting any communication.

                    I'm saying the way to approach this is from your unit, through your OA rep and /or OA ASM (for adult contact). A random district/council/regional/national adult attempting to inset themselves randomly in the program isn't helpful, or productive.

                    As far as letting BSA programs fail, at various levels, to a point, yes needs to be allowed. At the end of the day it don't matter if the campout came off perfectly; what matters is what the youth members learned from the experience, and how they grew from it. Coaching, training, and mentoring are how we impact program ... through the youth running it.

                    No one needs a "world's oldest SPL" or "world's oldest Lodge Chief" stepping up to "fix things". When we become more concerned about event quality then leadership development we stop fulfilling our role and purpose.


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                      Hi @JP!

                      I did an internet search and it came up with this video on YouTube:


                      I'm assuming it was you who uploaded the video. Did you also create the video for the Lodge? Was this something that you did of your own initiative?

                      It's pretty long, but from the photos I did see it looks like any Ordeal I've ever been to. There were folks there who looked like they knew what was going on.

                      Perhaps you could voice your concerns--politely, or course--to the Lodge Advisor. After all, as we learn in the new Wood Badge, "feedback is a gift". If it obvious you DO want to makes things better. It is better to voice that concern in the form of constructive criticism/feedback than to stew about it online. It'll only make you feel worse.




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                        Always remember when you give feed back you should be to prepared to step forward and help correct the issues you've identified.


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                          Yes All of the Videos I did...I gave a Copy to The Council and To The Lodge of All the Videos as well as Copies of all the Photographs from all the events I attend...They Won't share any.
                          I also Did one for SR2-3N....SR2-3N Did Share the Video. I was asked this year to help photograph Conclave by Section, Lodge got upset because I was asked and Section did not tell them.

                          I have others I have not uploaded yet...

                          I am a Member at Large not a Member of a Unit...So I speak with Lodge Adviser.
                          DE's Know what is going on....New SE hire June 16th is just finding out...
                          So outside of the Few With All the Power, who should I talk to about it?

                          Everyone complains because Not Enough youth attend events but no one realizes they need notice...Their excuse for not having more things for the Lodge...There are too many competing events these we won't have anything.

                          Ceremonies Adviser asked me to have special Key Holders Made for the Ceremonies Team ...Lodge Adviser got mad....I don't know why I paid for them Not Lodge...

                          Our Rings are not maintained...Only select Youth and Adualts are allowed to Do Project