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Can a SM ban OA elections?

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    David CO,

    "why would OA encourage a boy to leave his troop in order to join OA?"

    Where do you get that from?



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      I will agree that encouraging boys to leave their units in pursuit of the sash is not part of OA's original purpose and will probably not be found in any OA literature. In practice, however, this is what is being done.

      Anyone who reads the posts on this thread can clearly see it.


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        Don't let the internet fool you. There aren't hoards of disenfranchised boys out there looking to hop to a troop that will allow them to run in an OA election. But, from time to time you will have a boy who realizes that OA is really important to him and his family, and a troop that won't "bend" to accommodate him. There are three basic options, stick with the troop and abandon aspirations of being elected, transfer to a troop that holds elections, or sit around pouting making everyone miserable.

        In those cases where a scout transfers, the boy isn't necessarily leaving the unit in pursuit of a sash (or "pocket rocket", or really cool lodge flap, or whatever). The boy is choosing a troop that performs scouting as he understands it. He may return service to his new unit -- and maybe even his old one -- in any number of ways as long as we scouters don't bear any hard feelings.

        Really, it's like a boy transferring from your troop because all your PLC does is backpack and the troop down the street canoes! It's not that the canoe outfitter is encouraging your boy to leave, it's just that the other troop is using the outfitter to create a program that suits the boy.