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Dear Mr. Savage

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  • Dear Mr. Savage

    Mr. Savage, you are right. You have hit it the nail on the head with your recent remarks about autism ( My son is really just a brat. I have been remiss in my duties as a father (since I'm obviously not around) for not telling him to stop acting like a moron and a putz. We are really just playing this racket to be parasites on the government. My kid is really just S-T-U-P-I-D. Maybe he belongs in a mental hospital.

    Or, you know, NOT. Instead, he could really be a bright, sweet-hearted kid struggling with being on the autism spectrum, and you, sir, could just be an ignorant jerk.

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    You know Dan,
    a lot of people are blessed with the experience of never encountering a child who has a problem like Autism or ADD or any other number of disorders.

    Until I had one of my own I was certain that the ADD/ADHD thing was simply bad parenting - but even then knew enough to know that Autism was a real problem.

    Until people are exposed to a situation it is easy for their preconceptions to override any thought or examination of what is really happening.

    Don't let the jerks get to you.


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      Thanks, Gunny.

      Unfortunately, Mr. Savage is not alone in his opinion about autism. Several of the adult leaders in my son's first troop had the same idea, if to a lesser degree, that his behaviors were due to "willfulness" or some other character flaw, rather than autism. And that if they publically berated him enough for them, he would change, and not doing so was just more evidence of his willfulness.

      We are no longer with that troop.

      Since moving to a new troop with a greater level of acceptance and understanding, my son has learned to swim, earned First Class, and actually enjoys going on camping trips again, where he tents with his peers and is encouraged to join into activities that he might not otherwise try.


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        Well Mr. Savage certainly has every right to his opinions and every right to spew them over the airwaves. We have every right to draw opinions on Mr. Savage's character and intelligence from those words or ignore him by not tuning in. If enough people tuned him out, he wouldn't have a radio show to spew it.

        What I can't understand is how Mr. Savage can be the 3rd most popular radio host. Isn't that really telling about the American public? That they actually tune into someone who spews such venom and bile? And these same people think "Girls Gone Wild" videos are indicative of the fall of our nation.


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          Talk radio is like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. Last I checked, radio is there you go. Most of those guys are egotistical, self centered individuals who like to hear themselves talk and think they have the answers to everything. Heck, they will even tell you how to vote. Their "valued" opinion and 10 cents won't even buy you a cup of coffee. Keep in mind that what makes them money is ratings and they will stoop to all sorts of lows to get ratings.


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            The other side:


            When I was a kid, I was just "fat". Now I have "metabolic syndrome", and was put on a cocktail of drugs that damn near killed me. Now I just accept the fact that I will never be 6 foot 2 and 180 lbs. Neither were my parents or grandparents. I come from a long line of short, fat Pennsylvania Dutchmen. And at age 53, people still call me names and make fun of my "man-boobs"(can I say that?), the embarrassment of which I've suffered with since I was six. I have to live with ignorant people every day...and get over it.(This message has been edited by scoutldr)


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              Wow. So Mr. Savage has had do deal with the negative impact of others making ignorant, insensitive comments about his condition that he has no control over. This is the same guy who called autistic kids morons and putzes. Just when you think the guy can't sink any lower, he digs another few feet.
              Why do people listen to this putz?


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                There is no such thing as 'bad publicity' eh? Just another loud mouth wanting to make noise.

                I would refer to him as a horse's rear end, but that would be an insult to horses.

                You see this stuff all the time, right? Some low-level entertainment industry lizard does something purposely outrageous and contrived in order to get his/her name in the news... Imus, Limbaugh, that tall creepy guy on satellite radio whose name escapes me at the moment..


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                  We have a local personality that one week will say the same garbage as Savage, then the next week pull a 180. One week, there is no harm in letting gays join BSA, the next, gays shouldn't be allowed because they might be recruiting. Either way, he keeps everyone PO'ed and calling in.

                  It's good to here that you and your son have found the right Troop. Our Council camp staff have hired Daniel on for part of the last two summers. I've always informed them that when it is time for Dan to come home, let us know. It isn't a problem. Both years he made it 5-6 weeks. At least they, the camp staff were willing to give a SN Scout a chance at building his self-esteem.

                  Maybe Mr Savage should undergo an experiment. Dope him up enough that he comes across aphasic for a week. Then turn him loose on society and let him see how people treat him. Oops, sorry. That isn't to Scout-like. Maybe then he would be willing to be a poster-boy for the Disability Awareness MB.
                  FAT CHANCE!! Oops,!! Did it again. BP, forgive me.