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  • Arena Show

    This is my first chance to see a Jambo. I thought by and large the Arena show went well.

    I also know I am a very old 48 year old man and the Arena show is for boys.

    I thought Mike Rowe was OUTSTANDING. I watch Dirty Jobs every now and again, not a regular. His words resonated with me and I hope with my son. I heralded the jobs done by real men and women. It spoke of struggles and uncertainty that we all must deal with everyday. A good mix of humor rounded it out. I hope it is on youtube or something because it was good and though he spoke of the past he could have been talking about last night's Troop meeting anywhere in America. Bully for you Mike Rowe!!!!!!!!

    Thank you to the Bechtel family for you generous donation to America----please spend some time up there while the boys are there, every smiling kid that is upifted by Scouting is a small pay back for your gift.

    I really disliked the AT&T promotion. I did not like watching two idiots try to play guitar hero while maybe 100,000 people watched.

    I won't comment here on Mr. Obama as I have said my opinion on another thread.

    I very much liked the film of BP and thought there should have been much more old footage. I like seeing the celebrities pictures that were scouts in their youth. I never Napolean Dynamite, Richard Gere and Jim Morrison were Scouts.

    Anybody else have an opinion? I would like to know what the boys thought.

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    I was not present in person but was at one of the shining light locations. I was really disappointed at the commercialism. The gave away an ipad and a smart phone of some sort.... What the heck were they thinking?

    I won't go as far as calling the guys who participated in the guitar hero idiots, but I was surprised that one was an adult, I would have given the qualifying shirt to one of the boys in the troop.

    I did not know either of the two bands, but as pointed out, that is ok it is for the boys. The boy scout history song was fun and I enjoyed that.

    While I appreciate the adventure base in West Virginia for $65 million, to this point, how many local camps could have been endowed?

    Mike Rowe did a fantastic Job, I was worried at first when he said he had 20 minutes to talk.

    We could really use him as a scouting spokesman.


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      I watched part of the show live last nite. I found it on the web an showed Wolf cub son the Mike Rowe segment. WOW!

      Mike Rowe for Chief Scout!


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        Is there somewhere we can catch the arena show on line now? I was out at a ball game last night (with the scout troop, natch!) and missed it. Thanks!



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          The link for the arena show is


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            "Mike Rowe for Chief Scout!"

            I have thought that ever since Scouts Association made Bear Grylls their Chief Scout that the BSA could do the same with Mike Rowe.

            (I know the Chief Scout position in the BSA and the SA are completely different, but does Bear really do the job?)


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              Indeed, Bear does do the job.

              As for the show overall, I thought it was a good show for the boys. Like many of you, very pleased with Mike Rowe. I don't think he's the CSE type, but I think it would do good to have him on the board somewhere, and keep him involved. He provides a great message to the youth, and is rather no nonsense with them as well (if you've ever read his letters to Scouts, you know what I mean).

              The AT&T bit was overdone, but when they spent $3 million on the stuff, you have to give them placement. They made a lot of the celebration possible.


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                Last year, The CSE job changed completely. Mazzuca handed over all control of the organization to the ACSEs, promoted 2 or 3 guys (most of them good guys) to new ACSE positions, and now he's just the touring spokesman of the BSA.

                He should have let Mike Rowe do that job.


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                  Basementdweller, I thought the exact same thing about the scouter who participated in the guitar playoff. I also attended a Shining Light simulcast (or whatever you call it) with Cub Scout son and I leaned over to him and said He should have given that shirt to one of the boys. He lost serves him right.

                  I didnt know what to expect from the show a large-scale campfire with skits and songs? I thought it was pretty impressive, a good mix of scouty, patriotic stuff offset by the contemporary bands and Mike Rowes great bit. I thought the Scout Camp dance was a hoot as well.

                  Was Taylor Swift scheduled to perform? Scout son, who is at the Jambo, told us she was and he was all excited about it. Even Cub Scout son kept asking me when Taylor Swift was coming on.

                  Scout son texted us after the show and said it was awesome. He was 15 rows from the stage. As you can imagine I spent most of the time looking for him in the audience (didn't see him).

                  I wish they could have gotten a few more heavy hitters to do the birthday greetings. A magician and ventriloquist? Nothing against them, but Bill Gates Senior and Junior would have made a greater impression. I know Scout son would have been impressed.

                  We do need more folks like Rowe out there plugging Scouting.



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                    You Tube Link..



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                      What ever happened to just doing the right thing?

                      A father worked for SuperX drug stores, some of you may remember them. Well SuperX paid for the Camporee shirts for our Council one year. No where on them did it say anything about SuperX. The only way I knew was my Dad told me when I came home with it. The District manager payed for them because it was the right thing for them to do.

                      My 100 year camporee shirt had 15 event sponsors on it and it still cost me $65 to attend.

                      I just don't like it being smacked in my face. My son and I had a long talk about AT&T and Apple.

                      The discussion went along the lines of "Doing the Right thing because it is right" and "doing the right thing and expecting to be rewarded". I likened AT&T's participation to buying an ad at the super bowl and not donating to the scouts because they are a worthy youth serving organization.

                      Don't get me started on apple and the isheep.


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                        Both of the Guitar Hero's were also part of the staff and not contingent scouts.


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                          Contingent, staff -- they're both working hard to get there.

                          Honestly, so what if he didn't give a scout the shirt? We don't know what happened in the back where the shirt was launched. Do we know what the guy did with the iPad. Y'all are assuming the worst.


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                            Im not assuming anything. I guess for some of us its just a knee-jerk reaction that it would have been more appropriate to have boys competing, not the adult leaders.

                            We don't know what happened in the back where the shirt was launched.
                            You raise an interesting point with that. Id hate to think that the adult dove into the midst of a group of boys to secure the shirt.



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                     a chuckle out of that response. What if the adult dove over the scouts to get it.

                     the grand scheme of thing the ipad is irrelevant in my eyes, being on the stage at the Jambo is the biggy.

                              Again, had I got one of the designated shirts, I would have handed to one of my scouts.

                              I am disappointed that the two guitar hero participates were staff. Wish I didn't know about it.