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Obama not speaking in person at Jambo

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    There is extra security for the POTUS visit. I remember in 2005, with metal detectors at the entrance and snipers posted in various places. The road the motorcade traveled from the helipad to the arena was lined with military personnel. But, that was the only real step up in security, otherwise it was not felt by the contingency.


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      "Why in the world should the President (or more specifically the Secret Service) be afraid of Boy Scouts and their leaders present at a military base?"

      Clearly you have no experience in this area. Security concerns are the domain of the security experts, not the political operatives. The secret service folks are extreme professionals; requiring a group to get screened is not an insult to the group. Their mission is to protect the President but they also plan their missions to protect the public.

      As was demonstrated at Ft. Hood, being on a military base or among military personnel does not guarantee a secure environment.


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        I count myself as both within the left wing of the Democratic party (and part of Obama's
        "base") and a strong supporter of scouting, though I look forward to a time when some of the silly, superficial, policies of the BSA will change. There are plenty of us out there, perdidochas.

        My son is at jambo this week. I imagine he'll be bummed that the president won't be there in the flesh. It is one thing he had mentioned he was looking forward to, before he left. Watching a video is just not the same.


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          I think that it is less of the security issue and more of the issue of where he is going. I am not at the Jamboree but I think that it is a poor show of the President, not to mention the Honarary BSA president, not to show up to such a large and highly celebrated event to be on a talk show that tapes/shows EVERYDAY.

          I heard someone say that this was a decision because they are not voters, but there are many there who are voters and will be voters for the next election.

          Way to set priorities Mr. President. Just one more reason that I am glad that I did not vote for you or ever will.


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            Reagan didn't show up for me in 1981, I won't worry about Obama not showing up for my son in 2010.


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              Many of these scouts will be of voting age by the 2012 election and they will remember that Obama chose to spend time with Whoopi and friends rather than help the Boy Scouts celebrate a once in a lifetime event. If Obama had skipped Jamboree for an important reason, then there would be no controvery. But to skip it for a day time T.V. show that he could appear on anytime he wanted to - now that sends quite a message to our boys.

              It's too bad Obama didn't give very much notice on his no-show, because just maybe former presidents Clinton, Bush Sr., and Bush Jr. could have stepped in to fill his place. Those 3 all attended a Jamboree during their presidencies and those Jambos weren't even big anniversaries.


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                Then the Secret Service should be fired for lack of common sense. They should spend their resources to secure areas that need high security. A Presidential visit at a Scout Jamboree is not one of those places.


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                  I forgot to comment on Horizon's post. So, didn't you appreciate Nancy Reagan standing in for her husband? LOL

                  Yeah, not all presidents did attend a Jamboree, but this is the only time we'll ever have a 100th anniversary of BSA.

                  It's kind of like a parent saying to his kid, sorry I can't go to your birthday party, but I have a scheduling conflict. (when it's something that could be done any other time)


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                    The only think I remember from the arena show is the Oak Ridge Boys singing "Elvira." Other than that, it was a bunch of random people talking on a stage in front of tens of thousands of us.

                    I would warrant a guess that the boys who won't vote for Obama in 2 years ALREADY were not going to vote for him, and the ones who will vote for Obama ALREADY are going to vote for him.

                    After hearing about the debacle when Bush came due to security reasons, I am glad that my son does not have to deal with security at Jamboree.

                    Final note - I think there is a 1 in 100 chance that Obama IS coming, and will be a surprise guest. THAT would be the smartest thing to do security wise.


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                      Yes, Nancy Reagan filled in for her husband in 1985, as he was in the hospital.
                      Each President since has attended, except for the Jamboree in Clintons' first four years. He opted to not attend and felt such a backlash that he made the effort the next time.
                      As the U.S. President (no matter what party) and the Honorary President of the BSA, Obama should make the effort to attend at some point.
                      As a service organization, BSA has no peers.
                      Talk about a missed photo op. It may come back to haunt him as it did Clinton.


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                        So there was not a video message from the President this morning. Do you think it might be a prelude to a visit this weekend?

                        My son was not excited at all the he was possibly coming. I did talk to him this morning and he said Robert Gates' message was good. He is more excited about Mike Rowe coming.


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                          Following are presidents that have attended National Jamborees

                          1937 - Franklin D. Roosevelt
                          1950 - Harry Truman
                          1960 - Dwight D. Eisenhower
                          1964 - Lyndon B. Johnson
                          1989 - George Bush
                          1997 - Bill Clinton
                          2005 George Bush

                          In 2001, George Bush was unable to attend due to inclement weather on the night originally scheduled, and had a schedule conflict on the rescheduled night.

                          Ronald Regans 2nd polyp surgery was July 13, 1985 - before the Jamboree (July 24 - 30). He hosted a State Dinner July 23, followed by a trip to Camp David, so would have been well enough to travel


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                            The "Limited Edition" patch of the day at the Jamboree Trading post today has President Obabma giving the "thumbs up" sign. My son found the last one they had. It will surely hold a special place in our patch collection- maybe upside down?

                            Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was a wonderful speaker this morning. Sure, it probably didn't sink in with the boys, but this man has a true heart for Scouting. Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor Brother- he actually quoted Uncas, Went to Philmont twice, attended the 1957 Jamboree, and has served as an adult Volunteer. He noted that what he learned in Scouting helped make him the man he is today.

                            I can't imagine anything Mr. Obama might have said that could have been so moving for us older guys. Robert Gates truly "gets" what BSA is all about.


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                              Sounds like a great speech. I will have to look for it online to see if I can stream it from home tonight.

                              When I talked to me son, his main comment was the heat at the arena!

                              Enjoy the Jambo.


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                                I think we can all agree:

                                1) That it wasn't due to security issues. It has never been a problem for past presidents.
                                2) He wasn't able to schedule it far enough in advance. Come on, how long have we been planning this momentous event.
                                3) There wasn't something more pressing, such as a national emergency. Really a taping for the View, and a fund raiser, really?

                                So how many of you think it was political? Is he trying to sheepishly snub our bigotry? If so, I really wished he had the cojones to say so.

                                I must admit I was, am, and hope to be in the future a supporter of President Obama's. However, I am severely disappointed in this action of his. So much so, that I finally got off my duff and created an account to post this message. And, yes, I am a scouter, a proud scouter and father of a scout. Oh yeah, and I once was, and still am an Eagle scout.