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Medical Form Still Under Review?

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  • Medical Form Still Under Review?

    My Medicals were red-flagged for something relatively minor and completely unrelated to what I would be doing at Jamboree, and I was notified about it over a month ago. That afternoon, I faxed in the required information that would have put an end to it. Since then, I've heard absolutely nothing aside from emails from several people in the administration of my program area saying I was still red-flagged and to email someone at Nationals about it. I emailed said person, and have again heard nothing back.

    Am I going to get all the way to Virginia and get rejected? Am I going to have to go sit down with a doctor and hash this thing out for hours before I can get settled in? I mean, it was pretty amazing to get held up in the first place, I just put the issue on my form in the interest of full disclosure and completeness. What gives? Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Stop emailing and call them and keep calling until you get it taken care of.

    The email thing is a huge issue with me. People I work with take the easy way out and send emails or texts. We don't call each other any more.

    I feel your pain on your health form. I have done the same thing on insurance questionaires and am given grief over my mother dying with a disease I have no chance of getting. I am temted everytime to not tell the truth.

    I wish you good luck with this but I would start calling today.


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      Well, I wasn't given a phone number, only several email addresses for people at Nationals. Not really my choice to go that route...

      And wouldn't it be fairly pointless to call Irving now anyway? Aren't all personnel at AP Hill? And if they were, being that this is the "most connected Jamboree ever," wouldn't they be theoretically checking their email?


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        You just proved my point. it took you 3 plus hours to answer this email when I replied and by that time I was somewhere else. My point is everybody is not waiting and staring at their computers waiting on an email but we all have phones. Office, cell, and home phones.

        Like I said earlier, I understand your problem but make a few phone calls and get the number of who you need to talk to.

        Good Luck


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          I had an (diferrent)issue with the medical forms. The e-mail for any and all questions concerning medical issues is I don't know if this is the pone you have or not.

          I called National at Irving, asked for the Jambo rep, about my issue and it was cleared up the next morning. If you need the number, PM me.

          Hope to see you there.


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            The problem is the Jambo reps aren't in Irving now. I don't know where the medical people are, but everybody else is at the Hill and I would assume they are too. I don't think you're going to get any response next week at all. I don't know if my medical has been approved or not and some weeks ago I was told to bring it with me. Seems to me if you don't show up weighing 500 pounds or having an actual heart attack, you're probably going to get in.


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              "You just proved my point. it took you 3 plus hours to answer this email when I replied and by that time I was somewhere else. My point is everybody is not waiting and staring at their computers waiting on an email but we all have phones. Office, cell, and home phones. "

              Did you read my post? I was not given the phone number, only several email addresses, and even if I called now, as I and others have posted, they're not going to be in the home office. There's no point. As far as I know there is no publicly accessible directory for personal phone numbers of Irving staffers. And as for how long it took me to respond, I check my email several times per hour, most times more often than that. I visit the Scouter Network maybe once a day. That's not indicative of anything.

              The point of the matter is that the medical forms have proven to be a complete and total fiasco, and there are many more of us than necessary who are going to AP Hill with issues hanging over our heads and no one to give us the answer until we show up with medical form in hand to await their judgment. I'm not worried about getting through, I'm just frustrated by how difficult this situation has been to navigate.


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                Yes, I did read your email but you are still missing my point. An email is NOT an effective form of communication when an answer is needed quickly.

                Yes I understand people may be gone but I guarantee with a little detective work and a few phone calls, you can get a phone number of the person you need to call.

                Or you can sit back and check your emails.

                don't get mad. You asked for help and I tried to point you in a direction.

                Good Luck and have a great time on your trip.


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                  From my perspective, everything involving the jambo med forms is incompetent! For those of you that don't know this, BSA contracted out for the med form distribution, acceptance, review, and approvals. All correspondence and communication concerning jambo med forms is being done by a contractor. The initial distribution was a farce, the review so far has been a farce, the updates and resubmissions have been a farce, and I suspect that the final approvals will be a farce. With two weeks to go, we still don't know anything about the resubmissions that were made. Adults are still being rejected at this point in time and our ability to contact someone with knowledge and authority is non-existent.

                  How many of us are going to show up in Virgina and have a big surprise waiting for us? Think of it this way, as participants most of us are spending from $2000-$4000 each for this event. If you were spending that much money with a travel agent for a family vacation would you accept the level of customer service that we've seen from BSA regarding the jambo?


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                    Thats why I so am glad my crew is going for 1-2 days as visitors, they may not get to do all the activities, but they will at least get the feeling of the event. Better yet we are going to be staying at some nice little inns in Fredericksburg and Richmond, no hassles except for traffic to the jambo.

                    By the way I think Kahuna offers some sound advice.