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  • Meeting in Physical Space

    So, is there going to be a big get together at the jamboree? Will Scouter Terry have a booth where we can all come in and sit down around computers and post notes to each other on the web?

    We'd all have to have special little nametags. Mine would say "Oak Tree". I'd only wear it while in the booth - would hate to confuse my troop.

    What I'd really like would be some glasses that would augment reality - so that as I'm walking around the jamboree, I'd see a little floating indicator over people. I feel like I'm going to be walking right past a bunch of you without even knowing it.

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    I plan is to visit one of the last days, will stay at my sisters in Arlington so that keeps the cost of the trip way down for me. All I need is to figure public transport from the DC Metro (subway) to A.P. Hill. Would be happy to meet fellow Scouters I have seen post here.
    If it was in the fall I'dd say have a special necker made up, unless there is a weather fluke will be too hot.


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      I haven't heard of anything heading down that way from DC. Try calling the NCAC HQ (301-530-9360) - they may be organizing a bus trip, but I haven't heard anything about it if they have. I believe they have a "Fairfax Connector" bus that runs down to Woodbridge, but that may only run during rush hour, which would be the opposite direction you want, and still leave you at least an hour short of AP Hill.

      I would consider just renting a car at National Airport for the day, or look into joining the "Zip Car" program (car rentals for city folks - not sure what the cost is). If you rent at National, make sure you tell them you didn't fly in that morning - they use to charge an extra "airport usage" fee.

      You may be able to find an Amtrak train heading south to Fredericksburg, but I'm not sure what additional options are available from there, either.

      Best of luck,



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        Enterprise has an office in Arlington and you can rent a car for about $40 for 24 hours. The problem you'll face is rush hour in the morning, unless you go on a weekend. If you leave around nine a.m., you'd be pretty much clear and would have the car until the same time next day. Just a thought.


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          Shoulda mentioned,trying to do this trip with out driving, so far I start with a 5 mile bicycle ride, a 25 mile car ride, a bus trip to Chicago, Amtrak to DC Union Station, Metro to my sisters stop, a short hike to her house to clean up and a good nights sleep, an early bus trip to Fredericksburg. I need to find the bus sked to and from A P Hill, gotta be one as there are always buses running to and from military posts,least there were back in 82 for FT Dix.

          Sorry bout the hijack of this thread, I to would like to know which Scouters will be at the Jamboree?(This message has been edited by prairie)


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            Someone who's been around this block before pick a time and location that works. I'll try to be there.


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              I'll try to make it, too. My first time around, though, so I'm not a good one to set the time/place.


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                I'll either be driving around in my 2004 Silverado (look for the "Seen Stamkos" sticker on the rear window or in a rental box truck. I;m not sure of my schedule, but if it's like NOAC I'll be working from 8am-midnight every day.


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                  If I can make it I'll be wherever it is decided that we meet up.


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                    Heading to A.P. Hill tomorrow morning. Check-in is by lunch Monday. The regular cab, short bed 2004 Chevy with the "Seen Stamkos" sticker on the back window is me. I'll be hauling materials for the OA for 20 days.(This message has been edited by Tokala)


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                      Stop by the Merit Badge Midway if you get a chance and say "Hi". I'll be amongst a crew teaching the Lifesaving Merit Badge from 26 July to 2 August.