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Jambo feedback from the final day -Some nice stuff but it sucked.

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    I met with one off our Contigent Troop ASM over the weekend.....

    He brought up the BBQ that was supposed to follow the hike to the garden.....Or the mountain......He mentioned that it didn't happen.

    The other thing he mentioned he was glad that after the third day that they went with a truck and got their subcamps the walk went from a 45 minute walk one way to 20 minute one way. So the boys could sleep in till 5:30 instead of getting up at 4:30 to get breakfast and lunch.


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      I thought one of the big selling points of the Summit was it's compactness, compared to AP Hill. Everything was supposed to fitted onto a few hundred acres, not the thousands at AP Hill. No more four hour hikes to arena shows. What happened to that? And because it was built on a reclaimed strip mine, there was not more that 100 feet of elevation change across the entire site. All this directly from the lips of Jack Furst.


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        My reaction, too! Seems to me it wasn't just hills but distance that was a problem for everyone. Another bit of mis-advertising.

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      It was new, and different. It is a high adventure base. It has 10600 acres. It was a 90 minute hike from A camp to the Barrels or Ropes. It was a 90 minute hike from F camp to the Garden Ground, thru A camp. It was a 20 plus minute drive (departing!) from A camp to the rt. 19 gate. It is a big up and down property. Even 100 feet vertical is alot of hiking, (more than once! Not just up and down and done...) and yes, it was no doubt more than a 100 feet difference between all the camps and activities.
      It will be tough to plan for railroad arrival, if not impossible, (bridge into Thurmond, closest Amtrak station, is too small for busses) so OtR busses will always be the transport of choice. Airports are many miles away. Old map has a spot labeled "President's Helipad", south of the LowGear trails. Hire Ospreys from the Marines??
      Feeding 35,000 folks was/is/will be a challenge.
      Lots of old hands could not come and flesh out the staff, so the staff there often did double duty . The "Voice from the Sky" announcing "WARNING< THIS... IS A LIGHTNING... ALERT" ("puny earthlings!!,,, surrender, resistance is futile!!") was ... interesting.... The swaying Consol Bridge was exciting in the wrong way.... The thousands of smiling boys was some reward (as my wife would say, "how can you pay to volunteer??") .
      I really can't think of any other place where I will ever again use that duffle . Got a bag of patches and pins and maybe 150 pics on my camera memory..
      Got a friend, now, in Gettysburg who will give us a personal tour of the battlefield and museums.
      Hey, I'll be 70 in 2017...


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        Ok so who else received the email from scouting and the west virginia department of heath?????

        "....... in the unlikely event that you become ill, please report your attendance at the Jamboree to your healthcare provider".

        Hmmm wonder why my lad was exposed too?????


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          Here's the actual link to the report from the email if anybody is interested.....


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            I was on staff, 3 mile-ish hike each way to my assigned work area didn't kill me. The biting flys drove me nuts. They bit through socks! As a non AT&T customer I found the text alert system a drag - delays on delivery. I didn't like hearing from kids that they would wait for 2 hours to get harnessed for the regular zip line, then hike to the launch pad, wait an hour to get to the top and when Ariel sports were (wisely) suspended for lightening. They had to do the whole process over. Why not find a way to fast pass those who at the launch pad once the area reopened. Luckily my own kid decided he can zip at catamount faster.


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              Just filled out my 2017 volunteer application, THEN I read this thread end to end. Sorry for dragging up a year plus old thread, but it does give me a lot of intel for the trip. Thank you all for taking the time to post your observations, both good and bad.

              As for the volunteer fee... I have not read anything in BSA rules and regulations prohibiting a scouter from using a site like to raise funds to offset the volunteer fee. It seems to me if someone can raise $18,000 to rescue foo-foo dogs (, a fellow with NRA RSO, Rifle, and Shotgun instructor credentials ought to be able to find a few hundred folks to give up a couple of bucks to enable him to donate a week's vacation time to support the scouts.


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                You seriously aren't asking us to donate money for you to work at the jambo?

                I am guessing you should skip a couple of weekends at the range and pay for it yourself


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                  Originally posted by Basementdweller View Post
                  You seriously aren't asking us to donate money for you to work at the jambo?

                  I am guessing you should skip a couple of weekends at the range and pay for it yourself
                  Given your other post today, I will choose to forgive your uncalled for rudeness and hostility. Please indicate where I asked any member of this forum for money?

                  You, sir, have no idea who I am, what my financial situation may be, or how much I spend out of my pocket on scouting already.

                  I am not ashamed to ask for a little help with the ridiculous volunteer fee associated with Jamboree. If anything, putting it out there to parents might remind them there's more costs to scouting than meet the eye. Just a week''s vacation to do Jamboree might cost me well over $1,000. Why shouldn't any Jambo volunteer ask for help making a national event available to thousands of scouts?