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  • Last day thoughts...

    This has been a great experience. All my scouts have had a wonderful time, even with the changes caused by weather/lightning alerts/rain/mud.... The food has been terrific and bountiful. No complaints here. None! I bought one ice cream cone and one plate of food the entire time. The food is great. I hope they keep this model. The showers have to change. Ambient does not mean 55 degree well water. The lack of hot water will cripple expansion of the SBR. The shooting sports are first class. With 10% of the projected staff needs, they kept it flowing and scouts kept coming back over and over. Great stuff. The trap on the crest of the mountain is terrific. Scuba really took off these last few days. The water sports and obstacle courses were popular. The Garden Ground Trek is hard, but not undoable. It really is uphill both ways. Just remember that I told you so when you hike it. All the volunteers are super folks. And they have put up with a lot; long hours, walking to and from duty stations, cold showers like the rest of us. I've met some really neat folks. And caught up with some old ones. This, to quote one of my scouts, "This is EPIC".

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    Is there NO HOT WATER at All..Or could the facilities just not handle the Demand of 40000+ visitors at one time? I am sure that they can install Solar Hot Water Heaters or Boiler Type Hot Water Heaters before the Next National Jambo. I don't see lack of hot water Crippling the Expansion of SBR. Honestly do you think 40000+ people took showers ever Single Day? And What Kind of Expansions are Needed at SBR other than What is Already there?


    • Twocubdad
      Twocubdad commented
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      "By using ambient temperature, reduction in water and energy use is substantial. We estimate the use of tepid water will cut the average water use per Scout by 50 percent—and no, it’s not because they’ll take fewer showers; it’s because they won’t be standing under a constant stream of hot water when they do shower. In addition, by not heating water for showers, we expect to save as much energy as it takes to support nine households for a month."

      Does anyone think this bozo takes cold showers at home? Why not? If cold showers (tepid my Aunt Minnie!) at jamboree is such a great thing, he should be applying the principle at home too. And disconnect the heat and AC and sell the cars. Now that's sustainable!

      I'm sure the cost and construction schedule had nothing to do with it.

      That blog is the dumbest pile of bull I've read I a long time. Horse hockey!

    • gsdad
      gsdad commented
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      My daughter took a solar shower bag and didn't use it. Of her Crew of seven girls, one told me she took few "real" showers and just used the rain, others described the showers as ice showers.

    • packsaddle
      packsaddle commented
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      Everything after two minutes is therapy.
      Edit: Oh heck, make it FIVE minutes.

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    At Philmont when I was there in the 1980's had Hot showers at some Camps...You simply had to start a Fire under a Boiler ..Watch it and keep it stoked..and cut and replace the stacked firewood for the Next Trek Crew..

    Really who needs a Shower every single day anyways...Sissies
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      my scout said he took one shower the entire time he was there......Honestly he didn't smell Like I thought he would after 5 days without a shower......

      He used the rain defense as well


      • qwazse
        qwazse commented
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        I use the skeeter bait defense. There's something about my clean hide that draws the biters, so I tend to go a couple of days without one.

      • gsdad
        gsdad commented
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        Not surprised , the brand new bottle of soap was bearly touched, but a few of the small travel bars she packed were gone. now that you mention it, there was no funk coming eminating from any of them.

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      There is NO hot water there. The showers are not ambient. Ambient would be 85 degrees. It's more like 58 degrees. Philmont is dry and dusty with low humidity. The Summit is wet, muddy and humid. There is a world of difference between the two. Mark my words, market forces will require hot water in showers.


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        It reminded me of being in the Navy . You learn how to get relative clean very quickly!


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          I was on staff and was at the summit for 15 days. I took a shower every other day and washed my face on the non shower days. A lot of the staff used solar showers to take the edge off. I have long hair and wear it pulled back so I needed to stand under the water for longer to rinse it. The water was brisk but bearable. On the hot days, it was, um, refreshing. I don't expect to see hot water at the summit any time soon. I must say I really enjoyed a warm shower this morning, my first since July 10.


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            Hot water? I suppose they could put in outlets for hair dryers and curling irons too.


            • SWScouter
              SWScouter commented
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              There is an outlet by the sink. Mostly phones were plugged in for charging.