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How long a hike from bus to camp?

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  • How long a hike from bus to camp?

    I'll be working the second week at the Summit Center (K2BSA amateur radio), and I believe I'll be housed in Camp Echo. Apparently, that's a 45 minute hike. With all of the various warnings about needing to be in shape, I assumed that I would have a long hike from the bus when I get there to my camp. Therefore, my general plan was to pack light.

    But last week, I got an e-mail warning people who use CPAP machines that they should bring extra batteries. Apparently, that went to everyone, because it doesn't apply to me. At first, I was thinking that it's probably not a good idea to expect a CPAP user to make a 45 minute hike carrying a couple of car batteries. So I'm thinking that the bus will probably take me closer to where my duffel bag needs to go. If that's the case, then I can probably bring along a few more luxury items.

    So does anyone have any knowledge of where the bus will drop us off? I asked the leader of my group, and he assumed it would take me right to my camp, but he wasn't sure. Should I bring my rock collection with me, or leave it at home and cut my toothbrush in half?

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    I always overpack for summer camp. I'm not cutting back on socks or underwear. Everything else is minimal. Well, and my fan, chair and bed cushion.


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      I might leave the rock collection at home, and I'll probably bring some extra underwear either way. But I'm also wondering about the chair. If the bus drops me off at the front door of my tent, then I'll probably bring it. But if I have to carry it a mile (uphill both ways, I'm told), I don't mind sitting on the ground. :-)


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        Does anyone have a link to a good map of the Jamboree? I can get one on my phone but the scale makes it difficult. The so called maps on the jambo web site are useless.


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          Not to mention the large osprey bag while nice and has those handy pack straps without hip belt combined with your day pack...will be the summit death march. I like the osprey bag, but my kids book bags from llbean have a better ergonomic design. Definately having growing doubts that BSA won't flake out and mess this up big time ( too bad because its a lots of $ and lots of kids are skipping their regular Scout camp time for this experience)


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            I'm now able to answer my own question. Since I'm on the staff for the second week (starting Thursday), I asked the staff that's already there. I only have to carry my stuff a couple of hundred yards. Since I already decided to leave my rock collection at home, I should be able to handle that. I was afraid that the answer was going to be in terms of miles rather than yards. :-)


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              [QUOTE=T2Eagle;n385418The so called maps on the jambo web site are useless.[/QUOTE]

              Maybe the staff needs to work on their Cub Scout Map and Compass Belt Loops