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Is there a web-based Scout Troop tracking tool?

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  • Is there a web-based Scout Troop tracking tool?

    Looking to have a web based portal so scout leaders can update info, run reports, upload to council (must be scoutnet certified).

    There are some out there, but instead of digging through the weeds,...

    Can anyone make suggestions?

    Must be internet's for a unit, not a person.

    Thanks in advance.

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      Troopmaster has a web based "add-on"...that can oly be used if you already have the Troopmaster "stand alone or pc based" version.

      Does anyone sell web based (aka hosted or cloud based) troop tracking software?

      The folks looking have been in a position where when 1 person has all the records...there have been difficulties getting access, info, updates, and / or info to council.

      Is there a web only based solution?


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        Yah, I know some troops that have built their own web solutions, but not ScoutNet certified.

        A few firms like Scoutmanage ( and Scouttrack ( offer web-based solutions; not sure if they're ScoutNet compatible, though. If I recall they're not. It's hard to interface with da BSA's archaic system unless yeh can print punch cards.



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          I'm sorry I know this is basic, but I'm new....
          What exacly is scoutNET?
          I'm gathering that it's BSA's online database, nut is it something that I as an Assistant Den Leader could or need to use in tracking my den?
          I don't get the idea that our committe is very much on-line and up to date with the tech side of things....


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            scoutnet is what national uses to track all of the boys advancement and recharter . Some councils now require you to either put your advancement in scoutnet or upload it from troopmaster or another approved vendor. then print the scoutnet advancement report to take to scoutshop to get badges.

            Scouttracks does not interface with scoutnet.(This message has been edited by Basementdweller)


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              We use a non-Troopmaster web app, that we've customized for our troop for two reasons:
              1. It's free.
              2. If you make an error in Troopmaster, that error is carried over to ScoutNet.

              We have a paper record for each scout, our custom web app record for each scout, and we do online advancement in ScoutNet. Any errors are easy to spot, and correct.

              If you want the name of what we use, PM me, or contact me via contact link.


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                Fellow Scouters,

                Similar questions come up every year at my local Roundtable, as well as during leader specific training.

                I provide my colleagues the "In layman's terms and as I understand ScoutNET" brief. So this is a lengthy history lesson to explain how I understand these "third party" Scouting databases.

                If I remember correctly. ScoutNET was originally called ScoutNET2000. ScoutNET2000 debuted, at the same time many commercial software application at the turn of the century where seeking Y2K compatibility and using 2000 in their name. Scouting sort of came out of the Stone Age, and migrated from decades of paper records stuffed in filing cabinets at the local Council to a national based computer server, which Councils may link and connect to. A few "third party" unit level software application pre-existed ScoutNET2000. But as ScoutNET2000 opened up a compatibility competition, subsequently only a few Scouting electronic record keeping databases stood out and remained.

                In 1999, the new ScoutNET2000 did not want to distribute private information (telephone numbers, age, race, address, etc). So they wanted to confirm eligible users and eligible units have registered members in their Scouting unit. Although it makes record keeping difficult today in 2012, I support this policy. Roughly 2001, ScoutNET2000 invited "Third party" software creators to compete and create a compatibility. Without releasing private information ScoutNET released field names and field sizes. In 2001. I believe only three companies competed and were given the ScoutNET certified compliance. Pack/Troopmaster, ScoutSoft, Rank-n-File

                Scouting has thousands of individual Scouts; but the Packs, Troops and now Crews count in the hundreds. It is only reasonable that three companies cannot equally compete for only a few hundreds units. Unfortunately, Rank-n-File ended their company and sales. I believe ScoutSoft, has created their software to be compatible for both Windows and Mac Users so with Mac users and devoted Apple audience they seem to sell significantly. So two ScoutNET certified companies remain.

                Now twelve (plus) years later, there are other third party-web based software companies which are creating online Scouting databases. I think this is great, and helpful to remotely call up records on a smart phone and Ipads. But currently they are not directly connecting to ScoutNET.

                It seems like there is a bigger demand to upload a BOR results immediately. Or to upload completed merit badge cards, after requirements are satisfied; rather than routing the traditional paper. Hopefully soon. ScoutNET will open the competition again, and allow the newest third party developers to allow their software to migrate Scout records between an authorized user/Scout leader and the actual ScoutNET.

                So to make a long story short (I know...its too late now).. For Scouter. and blw2, It looks like we are all limited to two third party providers, which are compatible with ScoutNET, and only one which is web-based.

                Scouting Forever and Venture On!
                Crew21 Adv(This message has been edited by Crew21_Adv)


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                  great explaination.....thx


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                    TroopMaster at

                    Do realize please that webpages are a totally separate approach and offerings than recordkeeping ones being talked about here.


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                      Fellow Scouters,

                      Greetings again!

                      And to caveat.... I didn't mean to steal the show.

                      I didn't create a database or purchase one either. I'm just a fellow Scouter. I have asked Advancement chairs to determine which one is best compatible with their laptop computer (some friends are devoted Mac/Apple users). It seems I have had this similar discussion with Scouting buddies at least every six months for over a decade. And even more so, now that everyone seems to be carrying a smartphone or Ipad.

                      I personally like the idea of accessing advancement eligibility with a few key strokes and reporting advancement from a smart phone app. Maybe someday soon, ScoutNET will open the competition again.

                      Scouting Forever and Venture On!
                      Crew21 Adv