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The most Eagle Scouts in one family?

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  • The most Eagle Scouts in one family?

    I am the Committee Chairman for our troop and last night my son had his Eagle Board of Review along with our Scoumasters 4th son. While standing in the church waiting for the B.O.R. to finish, the question was asked "I wonder what family (just biological brothers) has the most Eagle Scouts?" Our Scoutmaster has 4 sons that have achieved Eagle Scout and his 5th and last son is working on his project right now and should finish by years end. Could anyone shed some light on this subject. Thanks.

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    There was a family of 8 brothers here in Dunwoody who all made Eagle, with the last earning it a few years ago. I'm pretty sure there are some families with more than that.


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      In the book "Legacy Of Honor: The Values and Influence of America's Eagle Scouts" written by Alvin Townley it answers that. The largest known family that had biological brothers become eagles there were 11 of them. I know imagine 11 kids. It was the Thomase. Their names were Decall, Devon, Darren, Robert, Ralph, Gordon, Gilbert, Charles, Eddie, Harvey and Rex. The only person that didnt acheive the rank of eagle was their sister Elaine. Their troop is out of Las Vega, Nevada. Check out the book i got it as a gift for my eagle court of honor


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        I'll have to head to the basement tomorrow and dig around in the file cabinet. Our troop had several brothers from a large Italian family earn their Eagles starting back in the 70's or early 80's. I don't remember the number of the top of my head, but it was at least 6.


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          I have an uncle who had all five of his boys earn the Eagle Rank in the 1970's.

          Eleven Eagles in one family? Wow. That was a big family.


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            My dad and all 8 of his brothers are Eagle Scouts that is 9. Plus me and 2 of my sons. Also have 4 cousins that are Eagles for a total of 16 Eagles in my family and the COOL part is we all have the same last name of Hunt from Groves Tx. And we still have more coming up through the ranks