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    i was wondering if there are any BSA adult posisitons open for Scouters who are younger then 21. Im 18 years older. i have been in scout for years and i earned my Arrow of Light award as a cub scout and my Eagle Scout award as a boy scout. i have been active for years and i have worked closely with the District Committee for 2 years now as a Chapter Chief in the O.A. I am also the Assisant Scoutmaster of my troop. but i have done so much in my district and became so well known that i have been talking with lots of scoutmaster from other troops in my district our discussions range from them asking me questions about the O.A. to asking me to set up a scouting program on my college campus. But i want to be more involved with the district instead of just one troop. dont get me wrong i love my job as A.S. but i feel that i would be more help to scouts on my district level. but i cannot get on the district committee until im 21 and right now im 18 and i feel out of place because i want to help people on a district level but because of my age im restricted to my one troop. and the worst part is i have new adult members from other troops asking me questions because i have been in scouts so long. i would like the advise of the older scouter and i would apprecate them helping a young scouter like me. thank you.

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    Talk to your District Training Chair about becoming a member of the District Training staff.

    Training volunteers are always in short supply.


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      IIRC the technical rule is you can be an Assistant Scoutmaster until you are 21. Period. Even then, you are still under some degree of supervision by an over-21 Scouter.

      That's why I coined the term "transitional Scouter." You are neither fish, nor fowl, nor good red meat.

      I hope you have taken the various trainings (YP, MB Counselor, Fast Start, and New Leader Essentials), along with the position specific training you may need. There is a difference between being "in the program" and "supporting the program."

      I agree with ScoutNut. If you have superior outdoor skills talk to your District Training Chairman. He may tap you to assist at any number of outdoor leader training courses, from Baloo to OLS.

      Otherwise, one of the best options for a young adult in Scouting, especially in earning his bona fides, is to serve on camp staff.

      Good hunting!


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        For the 18-20 crowd, the possible adult positions are:

        Cub Scouts Packs:
        - Assistant Cubmaster
        - Assistant Den Leader
        - Assistant Webelos Leader

        Boy Scouts Troops:
        - Assistant Scoutmaster

        Varsity Teams:
        - Assistant Varsity Coach

        Venturing Crews & Sea Scout Ships:
        - None, still considered a youth

        District or Council Positions:
        - Merit Badge Counselor
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          As SWScouter said, Assistant Cubmaster or Assistant Den Leader positions are open to 18 y.o. There are probably some small Cub Scout packs in your area that would love an Assistant Cubmaster (I know we would!). Your District Executive could point you to some.



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            Yah, lee1989. Lots of folks have given yeh the official answer, eh?

            The official answer really doesn't matter none, unless your district chairman really thinks that it does for some odd reason. You keep your registration as ASM with your old troop and help 'em out as you feel called. Most district volunteers have their registration with an individual unit.

            And then you go to district committee (or subcommittee) meetings anyways.

            I've never known a district committee that wasn't "open". So just keep showin' up, and volunteer as you feel the urge. The subcommittee chairs and district chair will let you know if there's anything that you need to navigate in a special way because of your age. But honestly, I'd expect they'd welcome the enthusiastic help.