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Steps & Forms Used In Initial Registration of Cubs & Adults

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  • Steps & Forms Used In Initial Registration of Cubs & Adults

    I've read lots of "step-by-step" lists for starting a Cub pack, but they all seem to refer to "registration" as if it's self-evident - but it isn't to me!

    I've looked on the Council website, but haven't seen a good outline for how to sign up cubs and parents and leaders - meaning what specific forms are needed, where to get them, and how to file them. We are having our Kickoff at a cookout at church soon, and want to sign up as many boys and parents that night as possible. So I want to have the appropriate forms on hand and know that we've completed them all and what to do with them.

    Can anyone give me any guidance?


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    Contact your District Exec and ask him/her for the Membership Chair for your District. It is there job to help on this.
    However, to answer your question....Go to Council. They have the Youth and Adult forms there. Equally important is to have a calendar of all the events/meetings that your Pack does. Have photos on a bilboard that shows what you have done over the past year. List out what camps you go to. List all the traditions you have. Parades, Campouts, Etc... Have a booth were something is happening that will draw the parents/kids to you. No one likes looking at forms.


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      Yes, get your DE involved. We did this in the neighborhood last Fall. Essentially you need five Adult Leaders to register in the various leadership positions (I think it's Cubmaster, Committee Chair, Treasurer, Den Leader and one other Committee Member). Have all of them fill out Adult Apps (which the DE has to sign, I believe) indicating their positions. Then collect all the Youth Apps you can! and turn those in as well. The actual "approval" of your new Pack can take a while, like two or three months to become "official." You can start meeting in the meantime.

      Good luck and thanks for doing this!


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        Hueymungus, scoutergipper - Thanks! Appreciate the good info.

        So for our first get-together, or kickoff, I should have Youth Applications and Adult Applications on hand (I found those forms), a calendar of our planned events (we have proposed one for 6 months out), and something interesting or colorful for the kids & adults to gravitate to.

        Question: since this is a new Cub pack with no history yet, could the colorful items be drawn from the activities of our Boy Scout troop? It has existed for about four years. I have lots of photos of our Boy Scouts doing fun stuff, and we could tell the prospective new Cubs that that's where they'll end up if they join Cubs now, and stick to it. (We started our Boy Scout troop - 2819, same as the proposed Cub pack - with only 7 boys, and now have two patrols and several boys on track for Eagle.) Or is referring to the Boy Scout troop out of line at this point?

        Sorry to pose so many questions - thanks for taking time to help us out. After seeing what the Boy Scout troop has accomplished in the last few years, we are excited to get started with Cubs and involve the younger boys, too.




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          Better yet, see if you can find out which boys were cubs, and ask them and their parents if they have any pictures or souvenirs from their cub experience that they would like to share. Two scouts in uniform with some stories to tell about derbies, songs, camp, etc ... would go a long way to winning over parents and kids. You won't have to say a word about the troop ... just introduce your boys. The parents and cubs will do the rest for you.


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            I needed to re-read what you posted and what I replied with. Did not completely catch that your going to be brand new....

            You will need to speak to the DE about starting a new Pack. There is a whole process, a lot more than just signing people up. You will need a Charter Org (Church/Rotary Club/Etc) to be your Charter. is the link you want from to read. I would start talking to people you know who have kids that you think want to be in a Pack. You will need a Committee Chair, Charter Org Rep, Two Committee Memebers and serveral Den Leaders and about 10 Scouts to start off with.

            Read the info in the link and talk to your District Exec. If that person does not respond fast/well, go to the Field Service Director (their boss) and let them know what you want to do. The Council always wants new members.


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              Thank you, all! I appreciate the good advice. We have taken some of the steps, and our church is the Charter organization - our Minister is leading the effort. I was put in charge of organizing signup and wanted to make sure that I had the proper forms and information on hand for that first gathering.

              This is a wonderful forum with very knowledgeable and caring Scouters! Thank you again.