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I need some clarity please

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  • I need some clarity please

    We were told that we would not be having our Twilight camp next year. I have heard 3 different reasons and I just need some clarification I guess. 1. Our campsite is not in our District. Okay then how can we go to a resident camp which also isn't in our district? 2. It isn't in our Council same as number 1 I guess. Are there new guidlines that state that if a district or council is doing a day camp that it has to be within their boundaries? 3. They are updating the Camp to become a resident camp and it will be under construction. I am in OK and I am referring to camp John Nichols.

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    It sounds like you have a real issue, but due to my own ignorance I don’t follow the question. (I suspect I’m not alone).


    What is Twilight camp?
    Who is the camp for?
    Who puts on the camp?


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      In general, I agree with Old Ox.
      And.... Since it is :next year", you do have some time to adjust and plan. Check with your District Commissioner and District Executive and help them to earn their pay (!), such as it is.

      To my ken, any registered Cub can attend any CS Day Camp (or Twilight camp) in any BSA District/Council. So, one does what one must. "After all, it's for the kids"


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        I am going to take a guess. It is #3 with a little bit of 1 or 2. They are doing construction on the camp during the construction period they are limiting the number of people that can use the facilities that limitation is to council/district.

        I would think a phone call could figure this out.


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          Oxtwilight camp is like a shortened Day camp in the evening so boys whose parents cannot drop them off in morning or have conflicting activities can attend. We had limited success with it in the day because at least we avoided some of the summer heat...


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            Your cubs can go to any camp you want to sign them up for. My pack is split on two day camp programs. The tigers, wolfs and bears are going to a Friday/Saturday camp by other district. The Webelos are going to a evening camp 3 hrs m-thr. It's your pack and more importantly your money. Go where you want to go.


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              I will go out on a limb here and guess that you are talking about your District's evening Cub Scout Day Camp.

              1-2) Your Twilight Day Camp is put on by your District. It is mainly for those Cub Scouts residing IN your District. Therefore it makes sense for a District Day Camp to be held within District borders, in an area easily accessible to the Scouts in that District.

              A resident camp is a COUNCIL wide overnight camp held on COUNCIL property. Now that Council property might not be within the actual boundaries of the Council, but the property is OWNED by the Council.

              3) If your District Twilight Day Camp is usually held at Camp John Nichols, and the camp is going to be under construction next year, I do not understand your confusion. Camp John Nichols simply will not be available for Day Camp use next year. For ANY Day Camps.

              Your District will have to find another COUNCIL APPROVED facility, or not hold a Day Camp next year.

              We have a number of towns in our District. We are lucky that a few of them have excellent Park District facilities that they let us use for little to no cost for our District Day Camp.

              As stated by others, you are not restricted in what Day Camp you can attend. Find one in an area/time that works for your Pack, and attend that one.