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How do you run your committee meetings for packs and troops?

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  • How do you run your committee meetings for packs and troops?

    How do you run your troop and pack committee meetings? I've tried to use the BSA agenda format which is similiar to this.

    "BSA committee" approach

    ---- Call to order
    ---- Welcome
    ---- Approval of previous minutes
    ---- Reports
    ---- ---- Scoutmaster
    ---- ---- Secretary
    ---- ---- Outdoor / activities coordinator
    ---- ---- Treasurer
    ---- ---- Advancement coordinator
    ---- ---- Chaplain
    ---- ---- Training coordinator
    ---- ---- Equipment coordinator
    ---- Old business
    ---- New business
    ---- Announcements
    ---- Adjournment

    Most people don't do "reports". They use the time to raise any topic that interests them. The result is a meeting that bounces around and seems very dis-organized. I find the following to be much more successful.

    "Walk the calendar" approach

    ---- Call to order
    ---- Welcome
    ---- Solicit hot topics
    ---- ---- Not to be discussed immediately but to be planned into the meeting.
    ---- Walk the calendar
    ---- ---- Start a month in the past (reviewing how things went)
    ---- ---- Continue a few months past anything we might care about discussing
    ---- ---- For each calendar entry, review plans, commitments and coordinators.
    ---- ---- The more imminent -> the more careful review.
    ---- Announcements
    ---- Business - new and old
    ---- Go around the table (watching to make sure we cover these topics)
    ---- ---- Treasurer
    ---- ---- Outdoor / activities
    ---- ---- Advancement
    ---- ---- Chaplain
    ---- ---- Training
    ---- ---- Equipment
    ---- Adjournment

    I've had great success with walking the calendar approach, but at best limited success with the traditional approach.

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    In our pack, the meetings centered on calendar activities - what are we going to do this year, who is in charge of each event, what worked last year, what would we change. The meetings still tended to bounce around a little, but after a short distraction, we would always come back to the calendar.


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      For both the boys and adults, if someone wants to raise a discussion or new topic, they have to call the SPL/CC to get on the agenda. The SPL/CC will put the topic in the appropiate place on the agenda. The SPL/CC need to be forceful enough to stop a discussion that is not on the agenda and move it to new business or ask to bring it up again the next meeting. It only takes a couple meetings for everyone to learn this structure and the meeting move a long a lot faster. Barry