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Where's King Ding Dong?

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  • Where's King Ding Dong?

    I'm a little concerned that we haven't heard anything from him for months.

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    Either he or a clever imposter just posted on the trail life thread.


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      I assure you I am no imposter. Thanks for your concern. I have missed this place. What's shakin BD ? Have you learned to laugh yet ? As I said in the other post, have had a series of health issues the past few months and have had to focus my energy and time on other areas. Getting old sucks. I have poked in now and then just couldn't get sucked in to posting. Not much has changed in my scouting career. Still with same sucky troop. CC and SM leaving shortly so maybe things will improve. They were stepping down anyway, but get really hurt when I criticize how the troop is run. They don't "have the time to make it boy run" My very experienced COR is going to take a bit more active role in guiding the troop. He is starting see how the poor program is going to kill it. The new SPL has shown no leadership and the troop would squarely land in the adult led field, still do nothing PORs. The pack is starting to show its stress cracks again. The CC's son is dropping out so we need to find a new one. The Webelos II folded this past year and I am discovering the Webelos 1 den has not been meeting regularly outside of PWD and Pack meetings. Of course nobody has returned my calls or emails. The couple of parents I have talked to say the same thing "been busy with sports".


      • qwazse
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        Thanks for the update. These things take time.

        Sports? Our troop is 80% soccer players. Good ones. Year-round. When we camp, it guts the team. Gives the 2nd string a chance to step up. No regrets.

      • Scouter99
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        Tell them yeah, yeah, we're all "busy"

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      Welcome back, KDD! Keep up that fighting spirit!


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        Heck I figured ya threw in the towel......Good to hear your still fighting the good fight.

        Laugh whats that. My troop has grown to larger than what I would like. We are at 40 with 33 very active.

        I have grown to appreciate the stupidity and self created drama that we Americans can create.

        Ya my sense of humor is dead and patience for scoutmoms and pushy parents is near zero