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No Win Situation: Loyalty to the Scouts or the CO's troop

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    Service first to the boy and his parents, second to the movement of scouting, third to anything else. Provide factual information and what you don't say will most likely ring clear.

    In addition, I suggest something like this, "All volunteer organizations change over time, especially those serving youth. What is a good program now can change in just a few years. Be ready to support the organizations of your children. All troops are different. Ask carefully about the current program and current plans. Adults should like the adults and youth should like the youth. Visit multiple times."

    If they ask you directly why your son chose troop B, say something like "in addition to liking the Adults and Youth, the camping calendar was well planned and campouts were nicely organized and not cancelled. He has continued to do well in his first year and has done this and that and the other thing....."


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      Yep, everything comes in cycles and change happens. The troop that is now considered the best one in the district by many was having issues a few years back. Troop that was considered the best at the time, is now losing scouts left and right. Found out another scout left them to join another troop.


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        QUICK UPDATE: To quote Gandalf the White, "There's always hope... a fool's hope." For the first time in over 2 years, the troop had a representative at the RT! Ok it wasn't one of their registered leaders, and he showed up 20 minutes late, BUT THEY HAD A REPRESENTATIVE THERE!

        The parent who was suppose to go camping with the troop showed up to get info and represent the troop. He doesn't want to register because he is in the process of starting his own business, and cannot really commit like he would like. reason for being late was taking care of work.

        I am hoping and praying things turn around.


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          Because of how I'm used to they we'd do things, what does the Key 3 think? Barry