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Am I too lax, or is this guy too tightly wound.

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    Originally posted by jpstodwftexas View Post
    Alas No One pointed out the "In Plain View" in that statement
    It was Stated 2 Deep Leadership Did Not Apply to Scoutmaster Conference Since it was not an Outing but merely a Meeting and implied it would not violate 1 on 1 Contact. If 2 Deep Leadership does not apply then it must allow 1 on 1 in peoples minds

    Well Yea Now Days Many establishment Allow People to sit around for Hours on End Sipping a 75 Cent Soda, so Yea You can sit at Public Places, However none around here allow me to Bring in My Critters for My Merit Badges to be Taught. And despite your Luck finding Parents willing to sit around several hours for several secessions, I have yet to have any parents do it..I have turned away Scouters because they can't find someone to come with them and stay or want to take the merit badges at the same time.

    Like so many people and Organizations now days...Common Sense has gone out the Window in scouting
    Rule 2 Deep Leadership...No Common Sense and you get discussions over statements like "Hey It was just the Scoutmaster and two Parents..You have to have 2 Registered Leaders at all Times...Parents are Not Registered Leaders..Argument ensues for " Leadership" actual Rules written Somewhere Else..Followed By No Leadership Because they we Not Out side or Can See Everyone at all times"

    1 on 1 Argument ensues because 'In Plain Sight' is forgotten or Overlooked

    and then You Throw in "What was said vs What Heard"
    Bingo, Your Correct..But I can't tell you how many Times I have "Heard" registered... I was Told I could not have Meetings because I was the Only "Registered" Leader even though I had 5 Parents present..

    Part of the Problem is there is Not 1 Rule Book but Many and they all sometimes seem to Contradict each other.
    And they are Not Even Called Rule Books..

    Why Can't BSA have 1 Rule Book with Simplified and Plain Wording?


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      G2SS is just that, a guide. Whereas one is trying to protect the scout, it is also important to protect the adult. I really don't want my scouting career go down the tubes because some scout had a beef to pick with me. All he has to do is make an accusation and I'm done.

      Currently I am starting a new troop and it has occurred more than once where I had only one boy show up for a meeting. Even though the G2SS says otherwise, I still don't want to be in a situation where I am 1 on 1 with a boy. So, I ask that a parent stay for the meeting. They simply sit in the back and read a book or whatever. No big deal, but I AM protected! Because we are not officially a unit as of yet, i.e. 5 boys and a committee, I still follow the G2SS recommendations. If one were to get really, really technical about the legalese of this whole situation, I am running a church youth program using the principles of BSA Scouting until we get the unit officially chartered. So technically I don't have to adhere to G2SS, but regardless of whether it is a church program or a scout program, 1 on 1 with an adult is not a good idea. The most recent "problem" I had was 1 on 1 with a boy on a public street. Fortunately there were 2 witnesses that told police that the boy was full of crap with his accusation. Sometimes even public streets aren't safe for adults.



      • Eagle92
        Eagle92 commented
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        I know someone who had their registration revoked because a known liar (he lied and tried to get 3 leaders in trouble a year before) accused another leader of making a pass at him. The leader caught him out after hours trying to peep into the ladies' showers.

        Unfortunately there were no witnesses to the incident like there was the year before (3 adults and 3 additional youth), so it was a 'He said, she said" situation and the leader was gone.

      • jblake47
        jblake47 commented
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        Without third party witnesses, the adult will ALWAYS lose the "he said she said" argument. G2SS is not for my boys, it's for me.


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      As for the SMC 1-on-1 Our SM does them in a corner of a room in plain sight or outside in the front yard on a public street.

      As for the manhunt I do not see it as a big deal as long as the boy leadership is keeping an eye on problems. Adults were nearby. We had a game of manhunt without flashlights on a backpacking trip and except for one boy running his face into a pine trunk it went fine. Of course the next morning we saw the adjacent bluff with the 80 foot drop to the river....