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Planning Camporees?

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  • Planning Camporees?

    I sit on the district camping & planning committee, we have been making our camporees different and exciting. We've done it now for about 3 years and need some new ideas if anyone can help?
    We have done a Horsemanship, shooting, Lincoln discovery (Because we live in Illinois), amazing race, search & rescue and a couple other type of camporees. If you have some ideas that you have done, please post me your ideas.

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    Ours for reasons unknown imploded last year. Our Troop had so-so interest until they said Girl Scouts were going too. Then a bunch of 13+ age boys hands shot up "were in!".


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      Spring Break theme?

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    Your activities have been great. Our Scouts have spoken very highly of them. The Smokin Guns camporee is one that they are eager to revisit. We use Siloam Springs for troop activities from time to time. I think it is a esource that would be wonderful to host an Orienteering themed event for the Scouts. I have helped teach Basic Ground Search and Rescue out there and Old Siloam in particular presents some great area to hike around.


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      Pioneering: bridge building/pumpkin chucking.

      One year, our district held one at the Pittsburgh Trolley Museum.


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        This is a great topic - I would be interested in seeing some program agendas, as I am to work with the District SPLs on planning one in May 2014. I like the Orienteering idea and would like some links or more information about different Camporees. Ours generally tend to be geared for 11-14 year old scouts and consequently older scouts avoid the camporees. I am considering a "High Adventure" camporee, composed of Zip-line and canoeing in September. How much does the registration usually run for the various Camporees?


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          One that has not , repeat NOT implemented, but folks are trying to work on the details: BACKPACKING CAMPOREE. Events would start at one location on Friday nite. Then you backpacked to the second location. Along the route there would be stations where you did basic T-2-1 Skills.


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            Contact local Civil War re-enactors. Build Camporee around the stuff a CW soldier would need to know: Make a fire w/o matches, cook a raw potatoe, play "rounders", signal across a "river" with wig-wag or morse code (?was semophore invented yet?) , some close order drill, black powder rifle shooting , BBgun target practice, build a "signal" tower, first aid practice, made-up stretcher and a race with your "patient", bucket brigade to put out a "fire", encode and decode a message, etc.
            Don't forget the BUGLER!