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Re-charter question about an almost Eagle Scout.

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  • Re-charter question about an almost Eagle Scout.

    We have a scout that has completed his Eagle project and is waiting for his BOR in January. He turned 18 last week. Does he stay on our troop charter? He is considering Junior Asst. Scoutmaster but hasn't completed the app or training yet.

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    If memory serves he must still be on the charter in order to have his BOR. He would be registered as either an ASSISTANT SCOUTMASTER ( emphasis as JASMs are Youth members) or Unit Scouter Reserve U91.


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      Off track,
      but what is the intended purpose of the position Unit Scouter Reserve U91?
      just trying to figure how I might use that position in the future.....


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        If memory serves, this young man remains a youth member, regardless of age until is Eagle Award is either approved, or rejected. Again, if I'm recalling correctly he should be registered as a youth unless his award has been signed off on.


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          You should be able to promote him to an adult leader even though the application has not been turned in.

          (One advantage of being linked to a venturing crew: boys who are multiples can stay registered without extra paperwork. So, we have not had this problem in a while. Regardless, I still hand them the adult application when they turn 18.)


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            It's not really a question of how to register him. It seems to me that a Scout should be registered until he receives approval for everything and approval comes back from Irving, just for CYA purposes. If he registers, he must register as an adult if he's over 18.


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              I agree, I think he must be registered. If I register him as an ASM (thanks Eagle92) he will not have all the training for ASM by re-charter. He can in theory complete YPT and anything online, of course. He is interested in becoming an ASM anyway. I have multiple phone calls into local contacts to figure this out and posted here as well for insight. Our current DE is nice and friendly but started last month.


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                I did a quick review of the Guide to Advancement 2013. There is nothing that says that they need to be a registered member past their birthday. You could also slot them into a Venture Crew. This is what I checked. I also looked in the section before and after just to make sure. Scout Board of Review Beyond the
                18th Birthday


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                  It may not be in the GTA, but we were told you have to be registered in the BSA in order to have a EBOR.

                  This topic has come up recently as we have one troop that will not be rechartering since they will be going to Trail Life. One young man is very, very close to Eagle, and the question arose "What happens if his EBOR occurs AFTER the charter expires and he is not registered in the BSA?" The word the Advancement Chairman got from the PTB was that you need to be registered in the BSA at the time of EBOR.

                  Sasha and BLW,

                  U91 Unit Scouter Reserve, and U92 Unit College Scouter Reserve, are two registration codes created because some councils are requiring training to be completed brefore registering in a position, but young adults in college, the military, etc who want to remain active when they are able to , but may not have the time to complete the training required. I know of one troop that had more ASMs who were in the 18-22 y.o. range than scouts, and under the councils that require training.

                  So that may be an option for the young man to register in if the council won't allow him to register until training completed.

                  And the UXX means it's a unit position. there use to be a 91 Scouter Reserve and 92 College Scouter Reserve, don't know if they are still active since the U91 and U92 codes came out, and they were
                  district level positions.