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How to Remove Sticky Residue from Non Slip Items in Bathtub

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  • How to Remove Sticky Residue from Non Slip Items in Bathtub

    Remove adhering balance from band or added self-stick items like bonanza stickers (and non-slip appliqués in bath (Packsaddle removed this link but in that tub he noticed a small inscription: 'Kilroy was here'.) with WD-40.
    Use WD-40. It contains petroleum distillates that will deliquesce the adhering larboard abaft by tape, bonanza stickers, and added self-adhesive appliqués. It says appropriate on the can that it will abolish grease, tar, and adhesives.
    Test aerosol a baby breadth in a atom that will not be calmly noticed and see if the WD-40 will abuse the surface. You will apparently be ok application it on ceramics cast-iron tubs, but may not be ok for artificial or fiberglass tubs. Always analysis first.
    Once you accept activated the apparent and aggregate seems ok, aerosol a baby breadth area the adhering needs to be removed and let it absorb a while. You can use a artificial scraper (or an old acclaim card) to admonition scrape the adhering off afterwards abrading the surface. Wipe up with cardboard towels or agnate absorptive cloth.
    Do baby sections at a time. WD-40 has warnings on the can about able ventilation, flammability, and the crisis of breath the vapors. Read the warnings and chase their advice. more home improvement tips at melodyhome
    Last edited by packsaddle; 11-09-2013, 02:40 PM. Reason: One more thing: read the way this thing is worded carefully. Does anyone else get the feeling it was translated from another language via computer? I'm wondering what country this is from.

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      Anna, I would like to apologize for our behavior.

      KDD, you should be more Scout-like.

      Anna William is the BSA's national director of Wood Badge, and she deserves our respect.

      Zen Bedrooms and Bathtub Residue are previews from the new Wood Badge based on Life Skills Merit Badge. National has replaced office management theory with practical "program neutral" skills that are equally useful to both Patrol Leaders and Den Mothers.

      When I was approached to be one of the guides for the first new course, I took the plunge. Basically we had to run the course while learning it. Maybe because we were the first, we had to put more into really understanding the new directions and ideas. And being a guide truly strengthened me personally. Today's course has evolved into a real "home management" school of sorts; and if the participants follow up and stay with it, they will grow considerably.

      We have a few that seem to just not get it, that in the end it is for the kids, not the leaders. Much of our reactions to these things are reflected by our general view of our world. It seems pretty obvious to me that we have a few here that no matter what is said or proven within almost 100% accuracy, it will still be a bad thing, or is misdirected to ruin the program. And they worry me if they bring that really negative vibe to the youth.


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        Skeptic: My post is for skeptics only.

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        All I can say is that I'm very thankful I wasn't drinking something when I read Kudu's post. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

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        Pack, what up with the disappearing posts? Kudu came back and my post for him is gone. "Can't wait for Kudu's response to this".

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      Ah, I guess I just did not really get the connection because of the different threads; and yes, my sarcasm indicator does not always work as well as it could or should. But, I guess if my words, with slight modification, are good enough for Kudu to share here, I should consider it a compliment and not a swipe at me. Whatever, as the young people like to say when they really have nothing better to add. Later.


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        OK, I checked the IP address and this address is all over the place as a 'comment spammer'. The host is a company based in California and Thailand. I guess the message was translated automatically from Thai. H'mm makes me hungry for some Thai food (but not Spam). Later.

        Do they have Wood Badge in Thailand?


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          Must be related to that well known society commentator, Anna Notherting, who got her reporters training from the editorializing writer, Stella Lottaschist.


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