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How to Create a Zen Bedroom

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  • How to Create a Zen Bedroom

    A Zen Dream Bedrooms is one accessory to sleeping and rejuvenation, a room area your activities above-mentioned to sleep assure the sleeper-to-be of an easier abatement into coma and a pleasant, ceaseless sleep through the night.
    There are abounding means to advance your bedroom amplitude and caliginosity accepted to advice actualize a Zen sleep atmosphere. Here are a few tips.
    Clear the desks. Your bedside table should not be as a auctioning arena for knick-knacks and growing bags of "stuff". Nor should it anytime serve as an addendum of your office. Put abroad the files, telephone, diary, highlighters, kids' toys and medications. Keep only the things that are capital for sleep and resting: a book, moisturizer, a photo, a bottle of water. The beneath things next to your bed, the beneath distractions and the added disposed to sleeping you will be.

    Hi, Packsaddle here. Normally after stumbling on something like this I'd terminate with extreme prejudice. But since you guys are having such a good time with it, I think in the spirit of good fun, I'll just kill the link and let you lampoon Annawilliam at will. So go ahead: unload the best stuff you can muster on her and her obvious spam advertisement.
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    • skeptic
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      Love it; thanks for sharing "scoutergipper".

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    Well done, scoutergipper!


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      And this is program related involves sleep?


      • jblake47
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        My Zen Dream Bedroom would include, flashlight, starry sky, a bit of cricket noise, cool breeze and boys snoring.


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      I guess I should have clicked scoutgippers link...


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        Zen Dream Bedroom, and the forum as it turns out, are lucky Packsaddle came across this thing before I did, because I probably would have just nuked it. Trust Packsaddle to come up with a better solution, deleting the link and leaving that ridiculously worded post there in all its glory. Annawilliam, if you have any more products to advertise using phrases like "easier abatement into a coma" and "Put abroad the files, telephone, diary...", please feel free to come back - say, in a year or so. This forum is supposed to be mostly for discussing Scouting stuff.

        As for the "Spam sketch", I was a big fan of Monty Python in its day, and I hear parts of the audio clip here and there, but it has been a very long time since I actually saw the sketch. Watching it now, I noticed something I never did before: While Terry Jones (the waitress), dressed as a woman, looks like, well, a man wearing a dress and a wig, Graham Chapman (the woman who doesn't like spam), dressed as a woman, looks alarmingly similar to George Washington. I don't think that's what they had in mind, but there it is.


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